Kaduna Teachers Primary 4 Competency Test X-Rayed

Jerry D. Ishaya

Because I don’t want any misinformed person to keep on telling me that Kaduna state fail primary four exams , I went through the questions that were used to evaluate the capacity of the primary school teachers in the state and made the following observations :

The assessment instrument is not for primary school pupils , neither is it for secondary school. For instance, question 2 that carries 20 marks is designed to test wether or not the teacher has knowledge on principles of teaching. This is only found in the curriculum of Degree in Education, Nigeria Certificate in Education or Grade 11 teachers certificate. In fact, a person with P. hD in fields other than education can fail this section. There were four questions in this section:

A. Child centred lesson presentation
B. Importance of lesson plan to a teacher
C. Qualities of teaching aid
D. Two Important parts of lesson plan

This could be seen to test knowledge on classroom management.

You need to have teaching experience to know these special skills . They are not part of primary, secondary, polytechnic curricula , with the exception of some special courses in polytechnics, monotechnics and universities.

Let me assume that the teacher who has this script on this post as shared by Gov Elrufai exist. If we all accept this assumption, we can now look at his response to the questions.

There is no clarity nor accuracy. He failed that section, no doubt. He also failed the other section that was designed to measure his knowledge on comprehension, summary and composition ( this is a basic requirement for all students in Nigeria).

Now, let us check the bio data of the teacher in question :

Qualification : SSCE

with his ssce certificate, he is not qualified to teach in our schools and that means he is not even qualify to write Elrufai’s test in the first place. This means that Elrufai should not have used him as a proxy for the remaining 21,999 teachers who were sacked for failing Elrufai’s test.

About marking the script, one could observed that this section has 20 marks in to total, but the examiner gave the candidate 0/15. This fraction of the the whole marks is another error on the side of the marker. It means the person who marked this script is not also qualified. If we were to go by this script, we can conclude that this “measurement and evaluation ” has failed what it was designed to measure.

It is good to note that during Makarfi- Namadi-Namadi-Yakowa-Yero periods, there were several methods used to screen out unqualified teachers in the system. I remember that the minimum teaching qualification that was set is NCE. I expected the governor to start from there,’ You will be sacked If you are a teacher in the system for up to say, 7 years, and couldn’t produce minimum of NCE during a screening exercise.This will reduce the number of unqualified teachers in the system.

I am fully aware that there is this common struggle among professional teachers to make teaching a well respected profession. That is why they came up with the teachers professional body called,’ Teachers Registration Council (TRC). They aim at fishing out those who are not trained teachers but found themselves in the field having blown by the wind. If you have minimum of NCE, you are most likely going to be captured as a professional teacher. So this person who has this script is not a train teacher and he has no business in the classroom. It doesn’t mean that the remaining 22,000 are the same.

Elrufai should note that, if one has a Degree or HND as contained in his advert for recruitment of new teachers, that doesn’t qualify the person to be a good teacher. They can as well fail this test if the pass mark were to be capped at 75% because they don’t have the teaching training.

The government has the following as some of the options to start :

1. If teachers on the pay roll don’t have the minimum teaching requirement of NCE, sack them and pay them off. Sack them because I remember a screening exercise was conducted in 2011 and teachers were told to upgrade their certificate to a minimum of NCE.

2. If they have minimum of NCE certificate, investigate from the tertiary institutions they graduated from if the certificates are genuinely theirs(there is always a way to find out). If found that the certificates not theirs sack them because that is criminal. But if found to belong to them, take them for an intensive workshop on classroom management and retain them.

Lastly, Governor Elrufai has a duty to Prove that he is not using this test as a ‘smoke screen’ to sack workers in the state because he has sacked permanent secretaries, directors, traditional leaders on government pay roll, and brought a circular that appear to be for sacking local government staff in all the 23LGAs . All these sacked set of people didn’t write any exam but got fired.


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