Southern Kaduna Genocide: 5 Lies they want You to Believe in

The following are some of the sponsored lies they want you to believe in as regards the genocide going on in Southern Kaduna and our reactions to the lies:

1. They are Reprisal Attacks

The Commissioner of Police (CP) has also chosen to take sides with the ongoing genocide in Southern Kaduna by insisting it’s a reprisal in advancing the lies of the concocted by some people in authority to give the world a different picture of the true genocidal activities of Fulani herdsmen in Southern Kaduna.

Can they name any community of settlers of Fulani in Southern Kaduna that has been on constant attack where women and children are butchered by Southern Kaduna indigenes?

Even with the presence of heavy military presence and mobile police as security in the region attacks have not ceased, no Fulani killer has been arrested and prosecuted. Are the securities there to end the genocide been perpetuated against the good people of Southern Kaduna or to watch over it?

Or have reprisal attacks been legalized in our constitution?

2. Southern Kaduna People are Intolerant

Why spreading falsehood about Southern Kaduna not wanting to live in peace when some opportunists in authority are not sincere in their approach at ending the killings?

They have been consistent with his lies in their efforts to cover the true situation of the genocide in Southern Kaduna, often times with cooked stories. First, they said, the Fulani were foreigners and that they have paid them to stop the killings, later they changed the naratives to say the people killing Southern Kaduna people are from the Niger Delta.

Isn’t that dangerous for a sitting governor to make allegations on a specific region to stir more conflict in the whole country and not only Southern Kaduna? It didn’t take long before they lied again that the Fulani attacking Southern Kaduna are the one escaping conflicts from Nasarawa, Plateau, Benue?

Why should a leader lie in such a manner without facts to back his/her claims? The state government keeps initiating peace processes without bringing the real killers for peace talks. This is because the Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria (MACBAN) have always been the ones that are invited for the dialogues even though we were told the aggressors are foreigners.

Don’t forget that the people of Southern Kaduna have lived peacefully with the Fulani until recently. Some of these Fulani even correct us sometimes when we speak our own languages wrongly, to show you the degree of intimacy.

3. That Some Natives are Benefiting from the Conflict

No sane person will use human lives as chip for gains, Southern Kaduna people have the right to seek international invention and help around the world in rebuilding their communities when the government have taken sides to appease their killers with compensation while victims are neglected with no care and support from both the state government and the federal government.

However, it would be appreciated if the accusers can help us with the details of such people that have been sabotaging our efforts.

4. On the Actual Figures of those Killed

The authorities should get their facts right and stop playing the gallery of a fanatic and bigot against the people of Southern Kaduna. They have been busy trying to discredit the statistics that the Catholic Diocese of Kafanchan released just like how they went on TV to say Muslims in the state are 70% while Christians are 30%.

We still wonder where they get their figures from! Both the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) and the State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA) are out of touch with the true reality of numbers those who have lost their lives and IDPs.

No single tent nor site has been designated for IDPs in Southern Kaduna where we have about 3, 000 IDPs (officially registered as IDPs) mainly vulnerable women and children without care from NEMA and SEMA. Many more thousands have been accommodated in people’s homes.

Now tell me, who is in a better position to talk about the number or people killed or displaced, NEMA or SEMA who don’t have contact with the people or the church which has been burying the deceased and catering for the displaced or injured?

5. That the it’s a Conflict Between Farmers and Herdsmen

The authorities should stop misleading the general public with their skewed of farmers/herdsmen clash. That’s not true, it’s about annexing the ancestral lands in Southern Kaduna.

The majority of the villages they have destroyed and have chased the villages away are now being occupied by them. In this regards it can never be a clash between farms and herdsmen but rather an agenda been played out to forcefully displace Southern Kaduna indigenes and take over their lands.

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