In Pictures: Atrocities Committed in Southern Kaduna

Warning: the authorities don’t want you to see these!

This report shows only a small fraction of the atrocities committed against the good people of Southern Kaduna. It covers but a few villages around Gidan-Waya which are Jemaa Local Government Area.

Mr and Mrs Daniel Akut Standing in the ruins of their House

The Akuts

He survived a Gunshot

The villages Tudun Wada, Pasakori, Mile 1, Sabon-Gari Tafan, Unguwan Ali, Manyi-Kajung and Kukum Tafan, all in Gidan-Waya, had been under attack by the Fulani terrorist from October to December 2016.

St. Paul’s Catholic Church Mile 1 laying in its ruins

St. Paul’s Catholic Church Mile 1 – Completely burnt and pulled down

Ruins of the District Head’s Residence -Mile 1

In Tudun Wada and Pasakori almost all houses were burnt down with only a few houses still standing. It is not different from Mile 1 where the District Head’s house and more than 20 houses and a Catholic Church were badly burnt and destroyed.

The story is a bit different in Sabon-Gari Tafan where only a few houses were burnt. However, the houses that were not burnt were ripped off of the roofing sheets and ceiling by the terrorist. They in turn used these to roof and ceiling the houses they build in their camps and the occupied communities.

Ruins of ECWA Church -Sabon-Gari Tafan

In Unguwan Ali, Kukum Tafan and Manyi-Kajung, all houses are completely burnt down with no buildings left untouched.

House Stripped of Roofing Sheets – Unguwan Ali

Remains of ECWA Church Unguwan Ali

Side View of ECWA Church Unguwan Ali

The present situation now is that the people are coming back to their villages but they are faced with the great challenges of lack of security, food and shelter. Their farm produce are completely destroyed, homes and schools have their roofs completely taken off, no health facilities or source of safe drinking water.

Burnt Food Store

These people are in distress and desperately in need assistance and any form of support to help them reclaim their land.
The aggressors can easily be seen parading the attacked villages.

According to an eye-witness, “we went to one of the camp that they stayed for weeks before leaving, I saw them with their wives and kids parading Unguwan Ali. This guys have settled in a land which I saw from a close distance. The zinc, doors, windows and other things stolen from the attacked houses is what they are using in their new build houses.”

It’s not enough to burn it down – they had the luxury of time to punch it down. Where are the military?

They remove the roofing sheets, doors, windows and the frames.





Who do you now believe, those that say it has been exaggerated of those that have even been arrested for trying to let you know? Remember, this is just a tip of the iceberg, many more similar or even worse things have happened.

And no one is talking about the dear lives that were lost yet. That is a topic of discussion for another day. I’m sure by now you have seen enough reason to speak up for justice.

Thanks to Theck Alhamdu Makeri for the pictures and report!

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