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Akurmi People in Need of Musuem for their Artifacts

OPEN LETTER: THE NEED FOR AKURMI MUSEUM To all Akurmi stakeholders, Globalization is one reality that has come to stay; the world is fast integrating (politically, economically, socially and culturally) into a global village. This is why the rapid retrogression and going into extinction of cultures and civilizations that are weak is becoming ever evident.

Akurmi People of Heritage Part-1

AKURMI NAME OF VILLAGES THAT CHANGED FROM ITS INITIAL. Some existed Akurmi name of villages which changed from its initial name to another due to inter relations and civilizations by the European missionaries. Names of people too changed from its original source to another all because of civilizations. Examples of the names are: Gnyangu to


 Before the formal introduction of the Kurama Chiefdom by the Makarfi Administration in Kaduna State, Akurmi commonly referred to as “Kurama” had its non-formal traditional institution way back in 1350AD. It was truly believed that “Akurmi” people were said to have originated from Iraq. They later migrated to Egypt, Sudan and briefly settled in Chad.

Can Anything Good Come Out of Nazareth?

“Nazareth! Can anything good come from there?” Nathanael asked. “Come and see,” said Philip….John 1:46. You might have the same question: “Can anything good out of Southern Kaduna?” And I’m saying, “Come and see”. Southern Kaduna, and Kafanchan in particular, seems to have lost its glory with the collapse of the railway and education in

Celebration and Preservation of Akurmi Cultures and Traditions

Cultural extinction: it is only when one has knowledge of the past that one can understand the present and even think of predicting the future. That is to say that if you know where you are coming from, then you would know where you are heading to. The Akurmi (Kurama) people have a rich and

Mystery Picture at Kaduna State College of Education

Barely two weeks after the unfortunate fire incident that completely burnt down the Education Block of the Kaduna State College of Education (KSCOE), Gidan Waya, the biggest and the oldest institution of higher learning in Southern Kaduna, it appears that the institution will continues to be in the news for some time. A story that

Fulani Woman Gives Birth to Ape-Like Creature in Southern Kaduna

This creature is not fictitious but real! A Fulani woman gave birth to the ape-like creature in Kaduna State. This ape-like creature was given birth to by a Fulani woman at about 6:45pm on Saturday 23rd of January, 2016 at CONFIDENCE HEALTHCARE CENTER – FADAN KARSHI. It is reported that the doctor immediately took off from the

The Atyap People of Southern Kaduna: a Brief Introduction

Deep in the heart of Southern Kaduna, an area famous for the Nok Terra-Cotta figurines, are a very unique and industrious set people called the Atyap. The Atyap, who are believed to have migrated from the East, are mainly found in Zangon-Kataf Local Government Area, though Atyap settlements are also common in parts of Kaura and Kauru

Reinventing the Kudaru Hill: the Forgotten Tourist Destination

The Kudaru Hill is the ancestral home Akurmi people, popular as Kurama. The Akurmi, in search of arable land, protective enclaves and, much later, in attempts to avoid Jihad wars are believed to have settlement around the Kudaru Hill 600-700years ago led by their paramount ruler Bugwama Kurderu (King Kurderu). The hill was actually named

The Oegworok People of Southern Kaduna: The Torch Bearers

The Oegworok are the inhabitants of Kagoroland in the southern part of Kaduna State, Nigeria. They boast of a population as large as 300, 000 and occupy an area of about 110 sq miles on the northern and western faces of a ridge of mountains known as Kagoro Hills which is an extension of the