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TO NASIR ELRUFAI Those who find themselves in power need to be very careful over the manner they exercise that power. Among many things they should avoid, going by recent events, these are important: 1. Do not humiliate teachers and other people who serve the public. Discipline them and hold them up against standards by

Victims of Elrufai’s Oppressive Gov’t

Some names of Journalists and other Kaduna citizens arrested, detained and harassed by the orders of Kaduna Governor, Mallam Nasiru  Elrufai, since assuming office on May 29th, 2015 for criticising him or disagreeing with him. 1.Gabriel Idibia The Union Newspaper El-rufai sued the paper and the reporter for writing a story on his monetary worth. The

Re: Sanusi Maikudi’s Pretext for Genocide on Sunrise Daily

I will try to make this as short as possible. I managed to catch up on parts of Sanusi Maikudi’s interview on Sunrise Daily on Channel’s TV on the 26th of April 2017. He posited that the root cause of the crisis in Southern Kaduna is the refusal of the autochthonous people of Southern Kaduna

Southern Kaduna: the Victim is Searched rather than the Aggressor…Travesty of Justice

Christopher Damina I was completely blown off when I beheld the sight of hunters guns, machetes, cutlasses, knives used for slicing onions, sickles and rest of them as a testimony of a successful search as a security strategy toward disarming the Southern Kaduna people to forestall what? Heaven knows. The victim turned into a culprit


This SOKAPU (Southern Kaduna People’s Union) has 5 problems, yes 5 problems that cannot be solved; 1. It is the most respected umbrella body of the indigenous people of Southern Kaduna to the chagrin of the enemies of Southern Kaduna. 2. The association has never had such overwhelming grassroots supports from the people it represents

Bishop Kukah Predicts Liberation of Southern Kaduna

I am convinced that for the people of Southern Kaduna, it is a new dawn. Despite deliberate policies of exclusion, they have broken their nails to climb out of the dark tunnel of exclusion constructed by the invidious members of the Kaduna mafia. Change began to come only during the administration of Obasanjo. I believe

Southern Kaduna: Bishop Bagobiri Talks Tough as Asso 12 Buried

HOMILY ON THE OCCASION OF BURYING THE 12 VICTIMS OF FULANI HERDSMEN ATTACK IN ASSO, WHICH OCCURRED SATURDAY 15/4/17, BY BISHOP JOSEPH D, BAGOBIRI 21/4/17 “Now if Christ is proclaimed as raised from the dead, how can some of you say that there is no resurrection of the dead? For if the dead are not

Chancellor, Gurara Forum Writes Rufai, Points Out His Many Sins

OPEN LETTER TO GOV NASIR EL RUFAI Your Excellency, When on 29th May 2015 you were sworn in as Governor of Kaduna State, most of us indigenes of Kaduna state were hilarious and excited. Needless to say what our efforts were prior to Election Day. Some discerning minds like us who were non partisan saw

Southern Kaduna: Audu Maikori Rearrested Days After Rufai Vowed to Prosecute Him

The CEO of Chocolate City in Nigeria Mr. Audu Maikori has been re-arrested by the Governor of Kaduna State. Audu’s arrest came after Elrufai publicly vowed to prosecute Audu in social media chat he had in Lagos. The governor accused Audu of publicly posting pictures of Rwanda and Boko Haram killings as Southern Kaduna genocide.

Southern Kaduna: Security Operatives Without Warrant Ransacked Senator’s House

9th March, 2017 PRESS STATEMENT BY SEN. DANJUMA LAAH Gentlemen of the Press, This morning, 9th March, 2017, my Kaduna residence was invaded by armed policemen, MOPOL and plainclothesmen numbering about a hundred.They came in trucks, buses and pick-up vans around 5am, forced my security man at gunpoint to open the gate. Under gunpoint and