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St Albert’s Institute for Higher Education: INVITATION TO PUBLIC LECTURE

The Academic staff and students of St Albert Institute for Higher Education, Fadan Kagoma cordially invite one and all to it’s 6th inaugural public lecture marking the beginning of the academic year 2017/2018. The details are: Venue: St Albert Institute for Higher Education, Fadan Kagoma Date: Wednesday 11/10/2017 Time: 10am Mass of the Holy Spirit


The Armenian genocide, which was perpetrated by Turkey, is commemorated every year on April 24. 1. Who Did the Killing? In 1915, leaders of the Turkish government known at the time as the “Young Turks,” decided to massacre and expel the estimated two million Armenians living in the Ottoman Empire. The Young Turks had taken

Bishop Kukah Predicts Liberation of Southern Kaduna

I am convinced that for the people of Southern Kaduna, it is a new dawn. Despite deliberate policies of exclusion, they have broken their nails to climb out of the dark tunnel of exclusion constructed by the invidious members of the Kaduna mafia. Change began to come only during the administration of Obasanjo. I believe

Southern Kaduna: Bishop Bagobiri Talks Tough as Asso 12 Buried

HOMILY ON THE OCCASION OF BURYING THE 12 VICTIMS OF FULANI HERDSMEN ATTACK IN ASSO, WHICH OCCURRED SATURDAY 15/4/17, BY BISHOP JOSEPH D, BAGOBIRI 21/4/17 “Now if Christ is proclaimed as raised from the dead, how can some of you say that there is no resurrection of the dead? For if the dead are not

Southern Kaduna Genocide: 5 Lies they want You to Believe in

The following are some of the sponsored lies they want you to believe in as regards the genocide going on in Southern Kaduna and our reactions to the lies: 1. They are Reprisal Attacks The Commissioner of Police (CP) has also chosen to take sides with the ongoing genocide in Southern Kaduna by insisting it’s

In Pictures: Atrocities Committed in Southern Kaduna

Warning: the authorities don’t want you to see these! This report shows only a small fraction of the atrocities committed against the good people of Southern Kaduna. It covers but a few villages around Gidan-Waya which are Jemaa Local Government Area. The villages Tudun Wada, Pasakori, Mile 1, Sabon-Gari Tafan, Unguwan Ali, Manyi-Kajung and Kukum

Nigerian Authorities Begin Mass Demolition of IMN Properties

Reports are filtering through that Nigerian authorities have begun demolishing buildings belonging to the Islamic Movement of Nigeria in the northern state of Kaduna. They include schools, hospitals and seminaries. A school in the city of Saminaka and another one in Zaria have been razed. The demolitions are totally unprovoked and came without prior warning.

ECWA’s Position on the Persecution of the Church in Kaduna State

World Press Conference Statement by Evangelical Church Winning All, (ECWA) 19 DCC Fellowship, Kaduna State On The Persecution Of The Church in Kaduna State. 16 November 2016 At ECWA Kaduna Central DCC Secretariat, No 6, Ali Akilu Road, Challenge Bookshop Compound, Kaduna. Gentlemen of the press, We welcome you to this important briefing by ECWA

Thousands of IMN Members on FreeZakzaky Procession in Kaduna

Thousands Of Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN) members on #FreeZakzaky procession in Kaduna today Friday 30th, September.  

Saminaka Assemblies of God Crisis: Court Sets July 25th for Hearing

A Kaduna High Court has set Monday 25 July. for the first hearing between John Ladan & 12 Others VS Assemblies of God Saminaka District. It will be recalled that John Ladan, who some refer to as a cult leader, allegedly lead 12 other youths to invade 2 church properties, looted many valuable and set 2