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Sorry Plateau State, Potatoes Have Just Arrived Kaura LGA

Kaduna State, with particular reference to Kaura Local Government Area (LGA), has joined the league of commercial potatoes producing states. Yes, POTATOES! Not the sweet potatoes, that has been cultivated since the colonial regime. I meant what people call ‘Irish Potatoes”.  Well, never say that close to an Irish man or woman because it’s somehow

Two Die as Fire Guts Down Kaduna Railway Station Market

Kaduna Station Market famous for fruits, vegetables, yam tubers, live stock especially poultry, eggs, and other food stuff was a ghost of itself when after it was gutted by an inferno overnight, particularly in the wee hours of today Tuesday, 26th January, 2016. Station market is also a junction for any train coming from Eastern

Anjeed Innova Group 2015 Chairman Address – 17th Dec. 2015

Dear Stakeholders, Staff and My Fellow Nigerians, Few could have predicted how dynamic 2015 would be for Anjeed Innova and our ambitions to bring renewable energy to Nigeria. Post licensing, we had hoped and prayed to have the Anjeed Kafanchan Solar (AKS) Project connected to the Kafanchan Substation by now, but it has been the

Siemens Technology Takes Anjeed Kafanchan Solar Project One Step Further

Anjeed Kafanchan Solar and the Anjeed Innova Group are pleased to announce the addition of proven Siemens power management and distribution technology to the Anjeed Kafanchan 100MW Solar Project. Anjeed Kafanchan Solar has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with Siemens AG affiliates Siemens Limited and Siemens SAS to bring thousands of Nigerians access to

Environmental testing takes place at Anjeed Kafanchan Project Site

A team of Anjeed Innova Group experts, government and law enforcement officials, and government agency representatives recently conducted environmental testing of the Anjeed Kafanchan 100MW Solar Project site. Joining Anjeed Innova Group’s Samaila Yahaya and Sunday Daniel were government representatives Odende Anthony Joseph, Stephen Joseph and Nehemiah; of Maigizoh, Zikpak and Jema’a Local Government Area