About Us

About Us ImageLooking at the lack of any media outfit (printed or electronic) focusing primarily on Southern Kaduna (our home and our pride), we have put up the above named website to promote and bring to your doorstep everything Southern Kaduna wherever you are on earth – people, culture, tourist attractions, commerce, politics, education, security, etc. We want to tell our own story by ourselves.

It is our mission to promote the good image of Southern Kaduna. We are so glad to showcase everything Southern Kaduna from commerce and industry to academics, politics, beliefs, arts, culture and entertainment. We aspire to show the world the beauty of Southern Kaduna so as to attract tourists and commerce to the region.

Since we are projecting to be getting a good chunk of our news from individuals across Southern Kaduna and beyond, you may wish to serve Southern Kaduna by being one anchors in your community. Your identity will remain private except if you wish it published.
Helping us in this capacity has a few advantages and disadvantages:
1. It will take little of your precious time.
2. We do not have the resources to pay you now, so it’s going to be voluntary, at least for some time.
1. You have a chance to promote Southern Kaduna and your locality/community.
2. There’s the possibility of earning from it in the near future.
3. You have a chance to promote your own business on our website, Facebook page and other social media outlets.
4. You have a chance to promote yourself as an individual through writing.

Thank you!

Bidi Ben