Victims of Elrufai’s Oppressive Gov’t

Some names of Journalists and other Kaduna citizens arrested, detained and harassed by the orders of Kaduna Governor, Mallam Nasiru  Elrufai, since assuming office on May 29th, 2015 for criticising him or disagreeing with him.

1.Gabriel Idibia

The Union Newspaper

El-rufai sued the paper and the reporter for writing a story on his monetary worth. The case is currently in court.

2. Jacob Dickson

The Authentic News online

Arrested, detained and charge to court. He was taken to prison for seven days before his bail condition could be met.

3. Luka Binniyat

Vanguard Newspaper

Arrested, detained and charged to court. He also spends days in prison before his bail condition could be met. The case is currently in court.

4. Midat Joseph

Leadership Newspaper

Arrested, detained and charged to court. He spends two days in the Police cell before his bail hearing came up. He has been charged to court over a WhatsApp chat discussion.

5. Audu Maikori

CEO Chocolate City Company

Arrested, detained and charged to court. This was after the governor openly boasted to have him prosecuted. The case is currently in court.

6. Dr John Danfulani

Lecturer Kaduna State University

Suspended, arrested, detained and charged to court for allegedly criticising the Governor through a Facebook post.  He was in prison for days before his bail condition was met. His case was initially struck out at a magistrate court, but the state government filed it afresh before another court. The case is currently in court.

7. Nasiru Jagaba

SOKAPU National Youth Leader

Arrested and Charged to court for speaking out about some of the governor’s policies. The case is currently in court.

8. Sunny Yayock

A freelance Journalist

Arrested detained and charged to court for his comment on social Media supporting a call for peaceful Demonstration. He slept for two days in the police cell before he was taken to court and granted bail. The case is currently in court

9. HRH Dr Ishaku Damina

The Chief of Kurama, a tribe in Southern Kaduna

He has been under detention for trumped up charges for over a month.  The prison authorities refused to write out a medical report on his health condition that would have aid in getting bail for him.

10. Dr Inuwa Abdulkadir

APC zonal chairman

His house was demolished for refusing to support Governor El-rufai’s decision to suspend Senator Shehu Sani from the State chapter of the APC.

11. Senator Shehu Sani

Senator representing Kaduna Central Senatorial district

Suspended from Kaduna APC for being consistently critical of the Governor’s method of governing Kaduna state.

12. Senator Danjuma Laah

Senator representing Kaduna South Senatorial district

His House was raided by men of the Kaduna Police allegedly on orders of the state Governor for standing by his people in Southern Kaduna. His alleged offence was in speaking out and asking the people of Southern Kaduna to rise up and defend themselves from the attacking Fulani militias.

13. Gloria Ballason

A lawyer and social critic
Harrassed and threatened with arrest and prosecution directly by the Governor over an article she wrote in Blueprint News paper on the killings in Southern Kaduna

To forestall the threat of the Governor ,Gloria quickly went to court and sued him for harrassment and abuse to her right of opinion .The case is ongoing.

14. Jeremiah Sunday

A lecturer with the College of Education Gidan Waya

Was sacked for allegedly being too critical of the Governor.

15. Adamu Abdullahi

Was invited by the police for questioning, for re-tweeting a tweet about El-Rufai being stoned.

So many others are being lined up for arrest according to the governor, from his various media interviews.

The glaring aspect that has come out from all these arrests and detentions is that governor El-rufai is highly intolerant of any criticism. Once, you decide to speak against any of his policies, you are marked for arrest.

The second issue is that there is a serious conspiracy between the Governor and some of the leaders of the security agencies. This is seen through the ease with which the security men promptly clamp down on any that is marked by the governor.

The third is the conspiracy between the state governor and some judges in the judiciary, which is also seen through the manipulation of judicial processes to ensure that one sleeps for some days in the cell or prison before getting bail.

His constant public outbursts to arrest and have one prosecuted lend credence to the fact that undue influence is being brought to bear on the security agencies and the Judiciary.

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