Southern Kaduna: the Victim is Searched rather than the Aggressor…Travesty of Justice

Christopher Damina

I was completely blown off when I beheld the sight of hunters guns, machetes, cutlasses, knives used for slicing onions, sickles and rest of them as a testimony of a successful search as a security strategy toward disarming the Southern Kaduna people to forestall what? Heaven knows.

The victim turned into a culprit and all catapults and bows and arrows confiscated thereby promoting their vulnerability and “victimhood” while the attackers hold unto their sophisticated weapons, none arrested, none searched, none harassed, while lurking in the dark waiting for a convenient time to strike as they watch their victims being stripped to the skin and tied to a stake for the nozzle of the gun. It is laughable, embarrassing and strange.

This buttresses the Kaduna State Government insistence that the victims are the aggressors. Our tears keep dripping as we bend on mass graves to burry our brothers and sisters fallen by bullets while many others writhe in pain as they nurse life threatening machetes cuts and injuries of varying degrees.


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