Re: Sanusi Maikudi’s Pretext for Genocide on Sunrise Daily

I will try to make this as short as possible.

I managed to catch up on parts of Sanusi Maikudi’s interview on Sunrise Daily on Channel’s TV on the 26th of April 2017. He posited that the root cause of the crisis in Southern Kaduna is the refusal of the autochthonous people of Southern Kaduna to accept diversity.

I find this misleading, mischievous and dangerous.

We are one Senatorial Zone with over 50 ethnic groups coexisting side by side and referring to each other as “brothers and sisters”; what better lesson in diversity and coexistence do you need in a country as divided as Nigeria?
Also, we have to look at prevailing trends in the history of Nigeria.

Is there any Southern Kaduna tribe known for encroaching and conquering other people’s lands including allocating Kingship to themselves in other people’s spaces? None whatsoever; we stay in our land and we respect our hosts when we venture outside.

There is no Southern Kaduna man in Katsina trying to appoint himself Emir or even Mai Angwa.
Going further, we have to examine the rationale behind these attacks on the people of Southern Kaduna.

You say they are reprisal attacks. Who did the people of Asso attack to deserve the massacre on their locals on the Eve of Easter in April 2017? No one! Meaning the logic behind this attack is that you were allegedly attacked by one tribe so you descended on another tribe which has nothing to do with the tribe that allegedly attacked you to show your grievance? Who is in dire need of a lecture in diversity in order to save lives then? That will be you.

Your narrative is mischievous because there is absolutely no logic to you accusing people of refusing to accept diversity while randomly maiming and depleting tribes who have never come in contact with you.

Throughout Nigeria, from Delta to Benue and Nsukka in Enugu state, men are being hacked on their farms, women are being raped and killed. This is a full blown war on the populace that is being downplayed. Governments both past and present have been insincere in their approach to ending the maiming of Nigerian lives under whatever pretext because these pretexts change from year to year and from one defender of genocide to the next. However, the fact remains that Nigerians are being killed and tribes are being wiped out in their numbers and you cannot put a blanket of falsehood over this; THE FIGURES ARE THERE.

In conclusion, Mr Maikudi’s pretext for murder falls flat. I am a Fantswam woman who calls Bajju people my family, Bajju people refer to Jaba people as family, Jaba sees people from far away Sanga as family. These tribes; all 50+ of see each other as one; THAT IS UNITY IN DIVERSITY!

You are killing an Asso man because according to you, someone in another part of Southern Kaduna killed your brethren? That is exploitation of the Unity these very DIVERSE tribes share and that answers the question about which group of people have a problem with the concept of accepting diversity.

Ndi Kato runs Dinidari Empowerment Foundation, an NGO focused on Providing Help to IDPs in North Central Nigeria

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