This SOKAPU (Southern Kaduna People’s Union) has 5 problems, yes 5 problems that cannot be solved;

1. It is the most respected umbrella body of the indigenous people of Southern Kaduna to the chagrin of the enemies of Southern Kaduna.

2. The association has never had such overwhelming grassroots supports from the people it represents as it does now. Something noone can do anything about.

3. Our elders and Members of the National Assembly and State House of Assembly that are not turncoats have pledged allegiance to the flag of SOKAPU. They answer to SOKAPU without apologies to anyone.

4. SOUTHERN Kaduna is SOKAPU and SOKAPU is Southern Kaduna, is that too hard for any sane person to understand?

5. SOKAPU will lead and the people will follow. The problem is, the more SOKAPU is chided the more it is accepted by us – the indigenous people of Southern Kaduna. We are SOKAPU and SOKAPU is us.

…And because even us can’t do anything about this SOKAPU, there is nothing anyone else can do about this SOKAPU. That’s the problem.

Tom Maiyaki

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