Kaduna Will Be Great Again – 409

George Makeri

Still in this selfless business of making Kaduna Great Again. We will not sit idly by and allow one Audu Maikori to tweet fake photos of Boko Haram and Rwandan genocide as Southern Kaduna killings, that led to the loss of Fulani lives without prosecuting him, but we can pay Fulani compensation for massacring and sacking chains of communities in Southern Kaduna, and even pledge that we would not mind borrowing money to pay the Fulani murderers some more, because they are conducting a justified reprisals against the Southern Kaduna natives, thus paying them is sanctioned by both the Bible and the Quran.

In this highly delicate business of making Kaduna great again, we would be irresponsible to allow Maikori get away with incitement that resulted to the loss of lives of Fulani persons, but we are very responsible in financing the massacres of the Southern Kaduna people. We are very responsible in explaining the massacres away as reprisals. We are very responsible in reducing ourselves to spokesmen of the Fulani herdsmen even against our oath of office to be fair to all and neutral in judgments. We are very responsible in not bringing succour to the Southern Kaduna victims of massacres right here in our backyard but transporting a huge sum of undisclosed amount of money outside the shores of this country to pay foreign Fulani terrorists because we are Fulani like them and in position of power to pursue our Fulani agenda of massacring Christian women and children in their sleep.

In our great sense of responsibility, we welcomed the Acting President and saw to it that the rebellious SOKAPU, the only legitimate body in Southern Kaduna, was not invited to sit with the visiting Acting President just like we saw to it that the Senate Committee on Southern Kaduna forbade SOKAPU from sitting with them on their fact-finding mission to Southern Kaduna. However, our great sense of responsibility led us to call our tribesmen the MIYETTI Allah, selected and intimidated Southern Kaduna traditional chiefs, elders, JNI and CAN to parley.

SOKAPU are rebellious because they would not call the massacres conflicts like we are doing. They would not see the massacres as a just reprisals, they will not support a grazing reserve, they will not recognise Fulani as indigenous people of Southern Kaduna, they will not agree that Fulani have been in Southern Kaduna even before the arrival of Uthman Dan Fodio, they will not accept that the Fulani once conquered Southern Kaduna people thus have claims to the Southern Kaduna lands. They will not see whatever the Fulani governor say as law by accepting their second class status with the Fulani as first. They keep talking about us not working by a useless constitution when we are working by the laws of god even though we derive our legitimate powers from the useless constitution, etc. For the aforementioned and many other reasons, we will see to it that we break SOKAPU and render her useless. We will ensure nobody in authority recognise them to call them to parley. They will continue to be irrelevant in this state until they crawl on their knees in complete submission to our will. Just recently SOKAPU released a statement praising the military and pandering to our wishes. Eventually, she will kneel before us like it should be. Accepting her will be at our pleasure.

These are all our ways of making Kaduna great again. People must accept our kind of truth or go climb Kufena mountains and jump down and survive. They must accept our narratives of the massacres in favour of the Fulani even as we persecute the victims like Audu Maikori. People must accept our nepotism cum cronyism in appointing our sisters and female friends into key positions at both federal and state levels against existing sharing formula. They must accept our choice of making an internationally acclaimed criminal of Yoruba stock as our chiefest adviser in Kaduna state with more powers than even the deputy governor. All Kaduna state natives and non natives must support whatever we do without questioning even as we continue to perpetuate the massacres in Southern Kaduna. We know exactly what we are doing as first class persons and the end will justify the means even if half of Kaduna burns down and half of its inhabitants massacred. Maikori must be prosecuted and we will organise a massive crackdown on all those questioning the ‘legitimate’ reprisals of the Fulani against the so-called Southern Kaduna natives. The Fulani must take their pound of flesh with our full support alongside the military and police under us. Any policeman who will choose to go professional, we will activate our Fulani boys to ambush and massacre. Our 2012 Fulani loan repayment statement was made to safeguard anybody wearing the Nigerian Army uniform against Fulani aggression. The police men murdered in Kafanchan was because of the role of the police in trying to stop the Fulani from carrying out their reprisals. The army would never be attacked because they gallantly stood idly by and allow the Fulani to keep massacring the Southern Kaduna natives. These are our ways of making Kaduna great again. O the pains we suffer in making Kaduna great again.

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