Enough of the Demonizing Campaigns against Southern Kaduna. A press release by Nenzit Patriotic Front 30 January 2017

We the members of the aforementioned group wish to draw the attention of the general public to a statement making the rounds today 30 January 2017 and purportedly written by one SOUTHERN KADUNA YOUTH GRASSROOT MOVEMENT, threatening the FG and DSS of unprecedented violence should anything happen to Apostle Johnson Suleiman.

The Nenzit Patriotic Front wishes to state here that such group is non-existent and might be the handi-work of the enemies of Southern Kaduna in furtherance of the state-sponsored demonisation campaigns against Southern Kaduna as a people.

It is true that we are solidly behind Apostle Johnson Suleiman and his call for self-defense as a group, but we completely abhor the attempt to portray Southern Kaduna youths in the light as captured in that malicious press release. We also seize this opportunity to call on the Kaduna State government and their cronies to forthwith stop the demonisation campaigns against the Southern Kaduna people through the use of different fulani and Muslim groups.

Governor El-Rufai should channel the state human and material resources towards developing the state to its full potential instead of allowing sadism and ruthless exploitation of ethnic and religious differences for selfish political expediency to bring about to the retrogression of the state and Nigeria as a whole. He must desist from sponsoring phantom groups to give Southern Kaduna people the image necessary for him to continue to fertilize his evil plans against the peace-loving people of Southern Kaduna.

Southern Kaduna Youth Grassroot Movement (SKYGM) is nonexistent

We are aware of how state funds are used to sustain the demonisation campaigns and victimisation of Southern Kaduna too. We called on El-Rufai to desist henceforth. In Southern Kaduna, we do not know and have never heard of any Southern Kaduna Youth Grassroot Movement, SKYGM. We have never heard of any Comrade Samuel Jirayi too and strongly believe they are figment of the imagination of the state-sponsored campaigns of calumny.

                                 Is it a co-incidence that the governor on 21 December                                                    2016, spoke about  Niger Delta militants coming over to wreck havoc?

The talk about grounding Nigeria, attacking NNPC like the Niger Delta, only went to show the sinister plans of the brains behind such evil release against the Southern Kaduna youths. Is it a co-incidence that the governor on 21 December 2016, spoke about Niger Delta militants coming over to wreck havoc?

The governor must call his lieutenants to order in their bid to create more chaos and blame the Southern Kaduna youth just like they keep killing Southern Kaduna natives and keep blaming Southern Kaduna victims for not keeping the peace.

The governor must know that he is incapable of fooling all the people all the time. Signed:

George Makeri

Nenzit Patriotic Front

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