We are the Hope of the Black Race

When I look at our faces, I see a people who have been frustrated by backwardness.

When I see the same people selling their own birthright for little income and hating one another, I never get wowed because even the proverbial king Solomon in Proverbs 19:7 said “All a poor man’s brothers hate him, how much more do his friends go far away from him. He pursues them with words but does not have them.” [English Standard Version].

Nevertheless, looking further closer, I see a people with hidden potentials, pleading to be discovered.

For countless number of decades, Southern Kaduna has been like a little child being ruled by someone he is supposed to be head of, a son of wealthy mogul who does not know his rights. A child entrusted into the hands of a servant whose inheritance he is not aware of.

It is better for a man to be conscious of his lack of food and strife to end the trend than to have enough food and not be conscious of it. While he dies of starvation, others are busy looting away what they can because he is ignorant of what he has.

Of what good is toughness if one cannot resist oppression? or boldness if a man cannot be a lion in his own house? or strong-will if one cannot use it to better his own life?

– We have the potentials, both human and natural resources good enough to cause an uncommon transformation across the length and breadth of our land.
– We have what it takes to be among the most educated group of people across the Nigerian federation and beyond!
– We have what it takes to feed our people, store enough food against tomorrow and sell off the remnants to outsiders, and not go hungry because our land is blessed!
– We have what it takes to be the industrial hub of the Black race because our people are no blunt-heads!
– We have what it takes to produce the best scientists and medical practitioners in Africa, because our hands and brains are fruitful!
– We have what it takes to produce the best teachers and build the best schools that the world has been looking forward to having around because experience has shown that if we are given the opportunity, we would surprise the world in our own little way!
– We have what it takes to build strong financial institutions for others to borrow from, and not be borrowers ourselves because our tradition views borrowing as a shameful act, and stealing as a taboo punishable by law!
– We have what it takes to be entrepreneurs, taking advantage of the needs around us to create services and markets where others can have their needs met, and not be like helpless people, always looking unto the government for everything and making enemies out of our brethren who have made it but refuse to give us fish because they want us to be experienced fishermen like or greater than them!
– We have what it takes to be law-abiding citizens of our dear motherland Gurara and fatherland Nigeria, and contribute meaningfully to the growth of the national economy and not be liabilities to the Federal government.

If Southern Kaduna must be great, you and I must stop complaining about everything and start thinking about somethings that can give our lives a meaning and land some dignity.

We are the hope of the Black race. If we can succeed, the Black race can succeed; failure is not an option because it is not in our DNA, never has it been in our history.

We are a resilient, strong and an intelligent people – never subjugated easily, nor remain confortable under subjugation like cowards without a fight. If at all we be over subjugated, it takes more than a man!

Utilize this strength into something more meaningful than just boastfulness which has never given any man food to eat.

For the love of God and people I rest my case!

My humble name remains:

Kambai Akau.

Shekwo Tyu Southern Kaduna Libarka!
Kåza Na\Ågwaza/Ågwaze/Ågwazi Gu Na Southern Kaduna Nda\Nda/Nde/Ndi!
Nom\Numa Dwo Southern Kaduna!

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