Akurmi People of Heritage Part-1

Some existed Akurmi name of villages which changed from its initial name to another due to inter relations and civilizations by the European missionaries. Names of people too changed from its original source to another all because of civilizations.
Examples of the names are: Gnyangu to Yango, Chimba to Kimba, kuderu to Kudaru, Gnyanne to Yani, Inniaka to malaika etc.
The example of villages that changed from its initial to another are
HarumaraAnguwan Damina
Sabo ugari kuderu.Yarkasuwa
Agana BudukuSabon Kaura
NjatseAnguwan Mai Dutse
NkwargaYadin Garu
UdangeBabban Fadama
UgwareGoron Dutse
UpadaUnguwan Hayatu
UnnazehDan Alhaji

North. =Nizume
South. =Nimoh
East. =Nzuah
West. =Ndah

Summer season called Bikwagga
Winter season called Usalma
Rainy season called Nibare
Dry season called Nminey

Supergiant called “Birai Bu piye”
Bright giants they were called “Rikiriki”
Giants they were called “Tanibinan”
Dwarfs’ known as “Asatau wizua”

The evolution of Lere at 1976 was predominantly Akurmi inhabited home; it recorded with the name SAMINAKA local government not Lere, till 1994 later changed to Lere local government by Gov. Mohammed Dabo Lere, the changes recorded was never a product of democratic process or referendum as enshrine in the Nigerian constitution, but a product of opportunistic act driven by selfish desire akin to military dictatorship, it was also recorded that the change of name SAMINAKA to Lere local government, was never done in the interest of political, and economic prosperity, but was the handwork of individuals who are myopic thinking and share demonstration of opportunism, who used their connections under the military fashioned democracy at that time to smuggle the name Lere into the Nigerian constitution, a gross violation of democracy process, principle of fairness, equity and justice, there by denying the good people of SAMINAKA LOCAL GOVERNMENT the opportunity to express their constitutional rights and or, to make inputs in a form of referendum.
It is on record that Akurmi (Kurama) in Saminaka, capital of Lere local government, constitute the largest indigenous Ethnic nationality. The various census documents from colonial administrations, up to the creation of SAMINAKA LOCAL GOVERNMENT in 1976, and other population exercise still remain valid.
After the 1914 changes, there were no changes again till 2003 where some part of Akurmi people that are presently living from the eastern (E) part of Kaduna state now in kano state where they were in Lere local government, to the Northern (N) hemisphere of Lere where some group of Akurmi were scattered to Kubau local government, to the south (S), some groups was taken to Bassa of Plateau state.
Then to the south-south east (SSE) part of Lere some group were taken to kauru local government
Reasons was because of power control, because the Akurmi people are united people whom they stick to one voice of power control, so if they are not scarpered no one no Hausa man will ever test power from Akurmi people.

According to tradition, the mythical ancestors, the Akurmi people migrated from Baghdad in the tent century AD, settled at the Bornu Kingdom (Kanem) spending 600 years, after some forces of both communal and inter tribal was and Jihads, they sojourn to kano state, they first settled at Dala and Kasuwan Kurmi and Doguwa all in Kano state, from there, they spent over 300 years there before they left.
Akurmi people were the first settlers in Kano state, then after some times Gwagi and Jukuns came and meet the Akurmi people in Kano state.
The Akurmi people were given so many names because of the active strength and so many involvements, names like; Akurumi, meaning, forest people, Azumo, meaning, they are the first people to be seen with iron ores in the Northern Nigeria, B`gwama, meaning, King, for their good leadership, Kuramai, meaning, they are the people that specialised living in the claves, claves became their hiding place for them. Kurama, meaning, they don’t tolerate nonsense they can give you back your nonsense, and so many names given to the Akurmi people.
The Akurmi people took off from Kano to some other parts was as a result of Jihadist attacks from Islamic prone, and the Akurmi man could not succumb to Islamic Religion, he sees the Islamic religion as a practice that will spoil his cultural practices and he fled for not allowing his culture to be contaminated and mixed with other cultural ethics. The group of jihadist that attacked the Akurmi consistently are from Daura of Katsina state and other attackers from Ningi/Ningawa people of Bauchi state.
As they fled, groups scattered all over the country, historically, the Kudaru hills took the highest living on it as the remnants still exist over there till today.
The Kudaru mountains ranges from 2000 to 3000 metres above sea level, the name Kudaru was derived from their spiritual leader Kuderu, later the name changed the phonemes from Kuderu to Kudaru.
Historically, Akurmi came in Saminaka in 1300, when there was nobody or no life exist on it, after journeys from one place to another and spreading all over the country, at last Saminaka remain the only home of any Bukurmi man or Bukurmi woman. Some bigots were trying to distort the history of Saminaka and Akurmi people at large, nothing will ever change.
The Lerawa known as Leren Mata came to Lere in 1700AD, they came to look for greener pasture from Akurmi people, the Akurmi people accommodated them, shelter them,
I believe the Fulani of Lere could not trace their history because they are too ignorant and illiterates to know their roots and the fact about their origin, because some of them, some will tell you they originated from Kenya, some will tell you that, they are Mali and others will tell you that, they came from Saudiya, no starndard record about the origin of Lere Fulani who settled at Lere of SAMINAKA.

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