Scientists Confirmed Magnitude 2.6 Earthquake in Kwoi and Environs

Now the descriptions of Tremor or earthquake have been dowsed. What was assumed to be a mere tremor in Kwoi, Nok and Sambam-Gida towns, all of Jaba Local Government Area of Kaduna State a week ago, was actually an earthquake. A seismologist, Dr. Alkpan of Geodecy confirmed a 2.6 magnitude earthquake as assessed by his team.

It would be recalled that these communities, about 4.6Km apart, witnessed seismic activities which resulted in multiple vibrations from around 10am on Sunday 11th September to the early hours of Monday 12th September, 2016. This was the first of its kind in Southern Kaduna. Though no precious life was lost nor any reported case of injuries, some properties were however damaged, in addition to the psychological trauma suffered by the communities. People can still be seen leaving the communities for fear of possible recurrence.

Now that seismologists have confirmed the more dreaded earthquake, rather than the earlier assumed mild earth tremor, government has to be more proactive rather than reactive in order to assure these communities that they are safe.

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