Sorry Plateau State, Potatoes Have Just Arrived Kaura LGA

Kaduna State, with particular reference to Kaura Local Government Area (LGA), has joined the league of commercial potatoes producing states. Yes, POTATOES! Not the sweet potatoes, that has been cultivated since the colonial regime. I meant what people call ‘Irish Potatoes”.  Well, never say that close to an Irish man or woman because it’s somehow derogatory. Don’t ask ‘how’ cos I won’t go further than that.

Potatoes in Kaura LGA....Just last week an agro-allied company called Vicampro, a leader in the growing of potatoes was invited by Bitrus Ishaya and they accepted to come and invest in the local government area. Well, I don’t know but I heard some saying Vicampro “are one of the biggest suppliers of potatoes to the MacDonald’s franchise”.

For a start, Vicampro will cultivate an estimated 1000 hectares with a possible expansion to 10,000 hectares in future in Manchok, Kaura LGA. They are also looking at a vegetable/tomatoes farm and factories to process both the tomatoes and potatoes.

Potatoes in Kaura LGA.....Vicampro Farm prides itself as laying the foundation for a prosperous and sustainable economy through diversification. They have launched a “Nigerian strategy” to bring Agriculture to the fore front whilst supporting the economic recovery. Vicampro in Manchok, Southern Kaduna, have resumed work on the “largest French Fries Potato Plant in sub-Saharan Africa and the largest Potato Farm in Nigeria“! It is estimated that Vicampro has a combined 7,500 farm in Jos and Manchok, setting the pace in Potato farming in the continent from 530,000 tons currently produced to 1 million tons, with the capacity to add 400,000 tons within the next 24 months.

Congrats Kaura LGA

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