 Before the formal introduction of the Kurama Chiefdom by the Makarfi Administration in Kaduna State, Akurmi commonly referred to as “Kurama” had its non-formal traditional institution way back in 1350AD. It was truly believed that “Akurmi” people were said to have originated from Iraq. They later migrated to Egypt, Sudan and briefly settled in Chad.

 The search for suitable farmland, protective forest and in the spirit of avoiding Jihad wars migrated into Maiduguri Borno State where the Akurmi sojourned for over 700 years before moving to Kano where they stayed for over 600 years.

 Thereafter the leader and king (Bugwamma) made a historic journey that was termed the Terminal Migratory Movement (TMM) into Kudaru Hills between 1350 to date where they finally settled. The Kudaru Hills has boundary with Zazzau, Bauchi, Plateau and Nassarawa States.

 The Man KURDERU was identified as the leader, priest and King (Sarki) who led the Akurmi to finally settle in the Present Kudaru forest hills was recognized and presented with a symbol of a knife by the first White man settlers of Kudaru forest inhabitants. The Bugwamma was given to represent the title to and the name of the paramount traditional ruler of the Akurmi people.


 The first and initial abode and settlement of the Akurmi people represent a 100% initial area of the final settlement for the Akurmi People under the leadership, guidance and directives of the first paramount ruler Kurderu even after years of dispersal into different location of settlement within and around the present Saminaka, Lere and Piriga Chiefdoms. The Kurama and Gurza districts with numerous village heads scattered within all the 3 chiefdoms in Lere Local Government Area of Kaduna State.

 A similar situation found in Kauru Local Government Area where the Akurmi people occupy and have another district head in Karku District of Akurmi Chiefdom also of Kaduna State. The same applies in Kubau Local Government of Kaduna State where sizable concentration of Akurmi Community is found to reside up to the level of 3-ungranted districts in Zazzua Emirate.

 The concentration and spread of the Akurmi communities extends to Doguwa Local Government Area of Kano State where at one time or the other a Akurmi Executive Councl Chairman had past emerged. In the same vein the Akurmi people are presently holding numerous titles as village heads at Tidere town of Jingre Pingina Chiefdom in Bassa Local Government Area of Plateau State. In recognition of the above size and extensive landed areas that spreads within three neighboring states where the Akurmi Community are found to dominantly exist, His Excellency, the then Governor Ahamed Moh’d Makarfi of Kaduna State deemed it necessary to approve the over 8years of struggles for the creation of Akurmi Chiefdom.

 Akurmi Chiefdom was created in December Year 2000. The first Paramount Ruler of the entire Kurama nation to be sworn in as the Bgwam-Kurmi
[1] of Akurmi Chiefdom was the person of HRH. Alh. Tanimu Shu’aibu of Ung. Sarki, in Yarkasuwa the present headquarters of KUDDARU DEVELOPMENT AREA in Lere Local Government Area.
[2] the present chiefdom of the Akurmi kingdom after the demise of the first king, known than Dr. Ishaku Sabo Damina the ever excellent leaderNAMES OF PAST AND PRESENT CHIEFS OF KURAMA CHIEFDOM


 The first traditional ruler of Kurama Chifedom was His Royal Highness. Alhaji Tanimu Shu’aibu was sworn into office in the year 2001 from the position of District Head. After his unfortunate demise from a protracted illness he was succeeded by HRH Dr. Ishaku Sabo Damina who is by the Grace of God the present Bugwan Kurmi of Akurmi Chiefdom.

 Traditional title of the chiefdom is BGWAM-KURMI. The criterion for the selection and appointment of the Bgwam-Kurmi is not by inheritance. The contest for the seat of the Bgwam-Kurmi is usually open to all the constitutionally approved ruling houses in Akurmi land on the availability of a vacancy. However, “MERIT” is strictly the guiding factor and serves as its rule of the thumb. Consequently the recognized King-makers seat in council under the Chairmanship of the Uwazirin Akurmi tradition to select 3-most outstanding candidates from any of the Ruling Houses for the presentation to the state Government approval.

 After a duly meticulous screening by the state security agents, one candidate out of the 3 selected is recommended to the Governor by the King-Makers. The Executive Governor of the state subsequently swears him into office under an oath.


 There is only one major economic activity in Akurmi Chiefdom and that is “Farming and hunting”
 There are other subsidiary engagements as follows:
 Blacksmith for the production of local hoe “Nipareh”, Cutlasses (Uringo), Spears and other agricultural and hunting implements.
 Production of local Mats, Brooms and Thatched Grasses.
 Livestock rearing and Animal Husbandry.
 Marketing of Agricultural and Livestock by-product.
 Pottery, Carpentry, Tailoring and Mechanics with spear parts.

There are presently seven (7) individually large major districts in Yarkasuwa and Kayarda Wards of Lere LGA that constitute Akurmi-Chiefdom and the Names of the District Heads
 1. Alh. Garba Yunusa Mohammed of Bissallah District
 2. Alh. Abubakar Dogara Ukissah District
 3. Hon. Mr. Simon Jakada of Wuroko District
 4. Alh. Sale Abubakar of Kakun Kurama District
 5. Alh. Suleiman Zatto of Goron Duste District
 6. Mr. Sodangi Dan’(Late) of Maigamo District
 7. Mr. Bello Damina (walin Akurmi) Kudaru District

There are additional Akurmi districts in different chiefdoms outside Akurmi Chiefdom include:
 • Garun-Kurama District, Luwana and Gurza Districts all in Piriga Chiefdom of Lere LGA.
 • Abadawa District in Saminaka Chiefdom with numerous Villages heads yet to be granted districts.
 • Karku District in Kumana Chiefdom is also 100% Akurmi but located in Kauru LGA of Kaduna State.
Some Proposed Districts in Kano State
 Akwanto comprises of Tomori 1 and 2, Shereh, Watara and Doguwa.


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