Can Anything Good Come Out of Nazareth?

“Nazareth! Can anything good come from there?” Nathanael asked. “Come and see,” said Philip….John 1:46. You might have the same question: “Can anything good out of Southern Kaduna?” And I’m saying, “Come and see”.

Southern Kaduna, and Kafanchan in particular, seems to have lost its glory with the collapse of the railway and education in Northern Nigeria. First, the name Kafanchan was synonymous to railway. Back in the days when the Nigerian railway flourished, no single Nigerian who had traveled extensively would say never stepped down at Kafanchan. Kafanchan was the Northern Nigerian Railway Corporation hub, second only to the National Headquarters in Lagos.

Throne Room Trust Ministry..Likewise, Southern Kaduna, with special reference to Kagoro, once offered the best post-primary education in most parts of Northern Nigeria with people coming from as far as Sokoto, Katsina and Kano to get educated.

Unfortunately, all those golden years appear to have been lost with the past. Today, what you hear or read on the papers about Southern Kaduna are kidnappings, attacks by “unknown gunmen” (who we actually know), abject poverty and unemployment, and all other such negativities.

Fortunately, when all hopes appeared to have been lost, there is a ray of hope again. Something good is springing out of Southern Kaduna that is already putting it back on the world’s map. Yes! THE TALLEST BUILDING IN NORTHERN NIGERIA IS A CHURCH and its being build in Kafanchan – the heart of Southern Kaduna.

Despite the sad news the enemy inflicted on the Church in previous weeks and months cheering news is coming out from Kafanchan – Kaduna State…Jesus said, “The gates of Hell will never prevail against my Church.”

The Church is matching on just as Jesus said it.

The project for the construction of a sixteen (16) storey Prayer Tower by Throneroom Trust Ministry is ongoing.

The Prayer Tower when completed will be the tallest prayer tower in Africa and also the biggest world prayer centre based in Africa where people will come like Levites to sacrifice three (3) months to pray for the nations of the world.

The project which is to be complemented by a world class prayer garden is expected to be completed before the third quarter of 2016

The ambitious project is being sponsored by a world renown preacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the founder of Throneroom Trust Ministry Kafanchan,Kaduna State, Apostle Emmanuel Nuhu Kure.

Let’s pray for its completion…

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