Netzit Patriotic Front Press Release on Emmanuel Francis

Press Release By Netzit Patriotic Front In Response To The Press Release By Muslim Kakuri Development Association

We have every reason to raise alarm over the security and safety of Emmanuel Francis after reading through a press release supposedly written by a certain Kakuri Development Association claiming as falsehood the report about Emmanuel Francis making the rounds as carried by the Media. This group tasked the security agency to investigate the matter again claiming to have within their disposal, evidences and witnesses to counter the report earlier making the rounds.
In the press release, the group acknowledged the victimised Emmanuel Francis it claimed was also known as Iboyi, as a resident of Kakuri, but denied he was ever stabbed because he was not fasting.

Even though the group accepted that he was actually stabbed by some Muslim youths from Makera who entered Kakuri, it stressed that the stabbing was as a result of a gang-related quarrel and not as a result of not fasting.

The group dismissed Emmanuel Francis and his assailants as irresponsible persons in the society, and insinuated that they were all under the influence of alcohol when the said stabbing occurred.

The name Nasiru Abubakar (whom the group claimed was a close friend of Emmanuel Francis) appeared as the group’s key witness, and accused Emmanuel Francis of reaching for the knife first before it was confiscated from him and used against him by another gang member.

The group claimed that a certain Stephen Godwin Sunday (a civilian JTF) was the person who arrived the scene and saved the situation. It also described as unfortunate the ‘false’ story making the rounds and pleaded with security agencies to investigate the matter and make it public.

Our Observations

1. Kakuri is a Christian dominated clime and the victim Emmanuel Francis is a Christian. We wonder how only Muslims were present at the press briefing even though the group claimed to have held an inter-faith sitting on Saturday 11th June 2016.

2. We wonder how the key witness is a Muslim and said to be a friend of the Victim who claimed the victim took the knife first as well as being the agent provocateur. How sensible is it for a lone Christian youth to pick a knife against a gang of Muslim youths without any form of provocation?

3. Why was the group eager to demonise the victim and reduce him into a nonentity by calling him an irresponsible person and a drunk when he said he was a Carpenter and simply eating at his shop when he was attacked? Besides, do we have any law that condemns irresponsible Christian Youth to street stabbing by Muslim Youth under the guise of friendship?

4. Why wasn’t the press statement signed? Was the convener ‘Alhaji Rabiu Garkuwan Kakuri‘ too sensitive to have his name captured in print or what?

5. Why was the so-called civilian JTF captured as a Christian by the group and when have gang members begin to be afraid of Civilian JTF that lone JTF members could send them scurrying off when even lone soldiers and police do not feel too safe with gangs without backup?

Our Conclusion:

1. Until the press release is a joint (Kakuri Christians and Muslims) press release with the victim in attendance to corroborate their claims, we the Netzit Patriotic Front will continue to see the so-called Kakuri Development Association as a quickly formed Muslim body for the sole aim of debunking the claims that Emmanuel Francis was stabbed by Muslim youth because he wasn’t fasting and not with a view to help the government resolve the case. We believe the press release was calculated to save some persons the embarrassment of the original story being circulated.

2. For the fact that a strictly Muslim group, in a Christian dominated clime with a Muslim-victimised Christian victim as subject, callously and without sympathy, try to paint the Christian victim, writhing in pains at St. Gerald’s Hospital Kakuri Kaduna, as an irresponsible youth and a drunk; we have every reason to fear for his security and safety even as he responds to treatment.

3. It is our sincere believe that the Christian victim could be under intense blackmail and psychological pressure from some Muslims to succumb to such notions as contained in that press release. However, we wish to hear the victim talk again.

Our Recommendation:

1. The conveners of that press release know and should produce all the assailants of Emmanuel Francis for swift prosecution.

2. The conveners of that press release should also be held responsible should anything further happen to Emmanuel Francis.

3. They should also be made to produce the murderers of Francis Bello Obemeasor, working with Royal Cross Hotel Kakuri, who was murdered on March 19th, 2016.  And since they knew so much, they should also know the boys and circumstances responsible for the murder of Francis Bello Obemeasor.

This is the only way sanity could be restored, but anything on the contrary is a recipe for disaster. Just yesterday, we received News of another Christian Youth by the name Shadrack, murdered by Muslim youth in Barkan Lahu on Sunday 12 June 2016 as he was returning from a show where he featured as DJ. This is not forgetting the murder of Francis working with Faz Oil whose corpse was discovered in one of the Company’s tanks on Thursday 9th June 2016. The governor El-Rufai was credited with saying, if the murderers of Akalagu in Kano were publicly tried and executed, nobody would have dared repeat such again. We the Netzit Patriotic Front are calling on the governor to do the needful now for a peaceful co-existence.


George Makeri

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