Kaduna Will Be Great Again – 285

We already have Grazing Reserve Bill in the 19 Northern States. It was Passed and enacted in 1965 by the Northern Regional Government. We have 14 such Grazing Reserves in Kaduna State and we Shall resuscitate them” …………….Gov. Nasir Ahmed Elrufai

The first time, it was a 1984 religious bill brought to bear on us. Now, it is a 1965 Grazing Reserve Bill that needs resuscitation. Tomorrow, it may be an 1809 Caliphate Edict that would be resurrected. Whatever it is, we still say NO and curse these bills deep down the darkest pit of hell.

Are you surprised? The erudite Senator Shehu Sani referred to Governor Nasir El-Rufai as a Coward whose ‘blokos’ is still PDP and I am forced to agree with the Senator.

When El-Rufai was FCT minister under PDP, he hid behind Obasanjo to commit multiple atrocities against persons and organisations, which include confiscation of properties of others and sharing it to his friends and family. When Obasanjo was out of power, there was nowhere to hide, so he went on a self-imposed exile and hid behind international boundaries to continue to launch his criticisms at the Yar’adua government, then the Jonathan government and now, he is back in power.

As Governor of Kaduna State, he tried to hide behind Buhari by introducing a 1984 religious bill, given that Buhari was military head of state in 1984.

Now, he is hiding behind Sir Ahmadu Bello to claim that the Grazing Reserve Bill was passed in 1965 by the then Sir Ahmadu Bello Northern Regional Government.

Perhaps tomorrow, he will hide behind Othman Danfodio, to resuscitate an 1809 caliphate edict. He may even travel far back to when Queen Amina held sway to resurrect any of the queen’s edict. I will not be surprised if he takes us to as far back as when Bayajjida travelled down from Baghdad and killed the snake near the well in Daura. After all, Buhari is from Daura and any culture from off that period will appeal to the Buharimaniacs. And they will clap for El-Rufai and El-Rufai will feel loved and relevant. Even Mr. President has to revisit his War Against Indiscipline (WAI). It beats me how people bereaved of ideas in this new age, that they had to resort to archaic edicts and decrees before they could govern, will still call themselves progressives. Where is the progress when you can’t let go of the past? These APC government at both my state and federal levels, should have called themselves ARC government – yes ARC (All Retrogressive Congress). This is because they are retrogressive and not progressive forces.

The aspirations of the peoples of Southern Kaduna doesn’t hold any meaning nor sympathy with the religious bigot and ethnic chauvinist. Afterall, he is the governor – he can do and undo. Even Shehu Sani, Dr. Hakeem Baba Ahmed, Isa Ashiru Kudan, etc are mare ants he could easily crush. Let me say it again for all to hear – Grazing Reserve in Southern Kaduna is the dumbest idea orchestrated to satisfy the demands of the Islamic Development Bank that will fail and woefully too, regardless of what terrorism masterminded against the Southern Kaduna People, especially in Adara Land where the lands are programmed to be confiscated. The rape of our daughters, sisters and mothers; as well as the murder of our sons, brothers and fathers by the same El-Rufai`s Fulani kinsmen is perfected in order to cower them into complete submission as their lands are being confiscated and handed over to Fulani herdsmen. We are watching you and your satanic plans Mallam El-Rufai

With a first class governor, professors and doctors-filled state cabinet, it is a big disgrace that Kaduna will be great again in a negatively backward thinking instead of a positively forward thinking.

Please follow this link to sign the Petition Against Grazing Reserves in Southern Kaduna.

Written by George Makeri   

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