It is only through unity that a group of people can sit down to analyze and draft out ways to progress and develop in the face of monumental challenges both internally and externally. It should be number one on the list of priorities of all Kurama people, we should stop magnifying what divides us as a people rather we should focus on our identity and heritage, which emphasizes on what binds us. Even with our population we have remained a toothless bull dog, which has seen us marginalized, that is also putting into consideration the large numbers of politicians, professionals, academicians and able young men and women.

In this case the older generation must take most of the responsibility for lack of coherent unity within the Kurama people; this is so because you do not need a soothsayer to tell you that there is a deep rooted distrust among a large number of our Kurama elites, that is why over the years they have been unable to initiate a way out for the Kurama nation as a whole. This trend must be truncated for the sake of both the present young generation and posterity; they must employ leadership by example in whatever they do, especially in the area of fostering unity and harmony within themselves. This show of responsibility would set the right kind of example for the younger generation, and also in order to checkmate the growing mistrust and disunity within the Kurama youth.

Nobody would come down from heaven to solve our problems; we are responsible for our destiny, and unity is the solid foundation that would hold the structure of both our development and struggle. We must sow the seed of forgiveness, I know we have in one way or the order offended ourselves, but we must tow the path of reconciliation and love, a path that leads to peace, progress and prosperity.

Yusuf .I. Goje
For Akurmi Federated Kaduna Branch

Published by Ayuba Ladan D

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