Akurmi Roadmap that will sustain our future youth


I would like to state categorically that every Kurama youth of the 21st century is; intelligent ,diligent ,courageous ,zealous ,a pacesetter ,visionary ,focused ,creative ,innovative ,charismatic, decisive, passionate and dynamic. But only needs the opportunity and conducive environment to harness their potentials to attain greatness.

Education is the foundation of growth and development of any individual or society. It serves as the solution to the problems of the society .The problem faced by Kurama youth in most cases is lack of access to qualitative education. For our youth to be relevant in the 21st century, education must not be a matter of choice but that of a right and obligation. Statistics have shown as at 2006, the United Nations educational scientific and cultural organization (UNESCO) report on illiteracy made the observations that; among the twelve countries identified by the report, Nigeria is ranked as the fifth with the largest number of illiterates within its borders. Nigeria represents 2.9% of the global average.

We can use the above statistic to assume that large number of youth in Kurama land, either lack access to qualitative education or are illiterates. That is not to deny the fact that there is mass enrollment of Kurama youths into various educational institutions over the years, but I am only suggesting that more needs to be done. What is worthy of our attention is that more of our youths are going to colleges of education (nothing bad in that),but to remain relevant in the 21st century Kurama youths must be seen to seek other professional education and qualification, in order to contribute their own quota to community and nation building. It is due to access to education that today we can boast of a former Deputy Speaker in the Kaduna State House of Assembly from Kurama land.

The solution to this, is that the Kurama elites must take it upon themselves to formulate a detailed educational policy that would support the future youth in educational ground and empowerring the youth with skills acquisition in other to breach the gap.

We urge the youth also to see the move by the elites as away of streinghtening the living hope of the Akurmi aspiring nation, the youth also must envolved in educational perticipations that will bring glory to themselves and the entire Akurmi nation.
And envoled solidly in pertaken in enrolling in it, every child must see the schorlaship giving to them as not just favour but also as their own sweat and hope to succeed and move the community to the next level.

With the matter of urgency, the elites should quickly address this very challenges and come together and form this fora in bringing Akurmi people from different area of specialization to workout this policy and fastract the inplimentation and start funding the organization to start its

The Fora must operate within a time frame in facilitating the number of the youth to be enroll, then after another set canbe set to enroll too,
Another commitee is to set up aside to checkmet the funding of the organization, how the utilizations of the fund been done, and produce the clear transcripts of the organization.

The set of committee will also form to, also supervise the youth that were given such oppurtunity to evaluate their high participation and outcome by quantifying their inteligent skewing.
And many others,

We pray that the entire Akurmi Elites will see this as a road map to revamp our lost glory and use it as the way forward to help our communities to know and discover their talent that the Akurmi has that has not yet been discovered.

Long live Akurmi Nation
Long live HRH Bugwan Kurmi Ishaku Sabo Damina
Long liv Federated both youth and Eldes bodies worldwide
Long live Akurmi Elite bodies
Long live Federal Republic of Nigeria

Publised by Ayuba Ladan D

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