Celebration and Preservation of Akurmi Cultures and Traditions

Cultural extinction: it is only when one has knowledge of the past that one can understand the present and even think of predicting the future. That is to say that if you know where you are coming from, then you would know where you are heading to.

The Akurmi (Kurama) people have a rich and diverse culture that most of our youth are ignorant of. Having an identity is what distinguishes you in our world today. I am not in any way suggesting that we should bring back all the cultures of the Akurmi people. Some might not be relevant based on the trend of things today but cultures such as our language and the show of respect known for by the Akurmi people among others should be encouraged.

In order to stay relevant in the 21st century, we as youth must have a fair knowledge of our history and culture.
This should tell us where we are coming from, in order to have a better perspective of where we are heading to.
The question to ask is; what are the structures that our elites have placed on ground as a foundation to ensure that the Akurmi youth of the 21st century, is equipped with the knowledge of both the Akurmi culture and its history?

In my opinion, the solution lies in the ability of the Akurmi elites in collaboration with the youth to formulate a sustainable plan that would ensure cultural renaissance (reawakening), especially among the youths. It is my suggestion that an Akurmi Museum should be established urgently to house every available details and artifacts of the Kurama culture and history.

The museum would serve as a research and resource centre where information on Akurmi culture and traditions can be accessed. Some of the cultures cannot be revived, but can only be stored and preserved for reference sake.

The effort to reawaken the Kurama culture would be too heavy for the youth without the support of the elites. That is why our elites must take the lead in preserving our cultures.

Published by Ayuba Ladan D

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