Akurmi in Politics: Post Ayuba Damina, Daniel Tafarki, Tambaya Kure and Musa Shekarau Era


Politically, the Akurmi (Kurama) people are marginalized by all standards of politics at all levels; this is a very disturbing reality that should be a source of concern for any true Akurmi son or daughter. Putting into consideration our political strength in terms of our large population.

This unfortunate reality is largely due to the shallow political space that the Akurmi people are allowed to operate in. The shallow space kept them out of most of the political calculations such as in the area of political appointments, delimitation of wards, elective positions, and access to dividends of democracy .

This trend if not halted pose a serious threat to the growth and development of the Akurmi people; thereby making them irrelevant in the political scheme of things.

This scenario can only be checked only if the political space is expanded by the present political elites for other Akurmi sons and daughters. There must be a deliberate effort at encouraging political participation through political education, mentorship, appointments and sponsorship of Akurmi candidates for elective positions.

The Akurmi people must be encouraged and given access to participate fully in the leadership selection process and the decision making processes. This would automatically give them a voice and also access to the dividends of democracy.

A cross party political platform should be established to among many things set out a political roadmap for the political development of the Akurmi people. Every decision in a democratic setup is politically determined, that is why political participation is key to the progress of any community or people. We must fight political apathy within the Akurmi people, to increase participation.

Those already in politics should be encouraged to shun selling their loyalty to the highest bidder, but rather focus on building their own political structures. They should avoid sycophancy and hypocrisy for their political survival.

Published by Ayuba Ladan D

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