Building a Vibrant Association Among Akurmi People

It would not be out of place to state that most of the associations belonging to the Akurmi (Kurama) people are fast becoming toothless bulldogs that can barely bark, talk more of biting.

Thereby denying the Akurmi people the platform for unity and a voice that should project our hopes and aspiration. It is now more evident to note that the associations are finding it difficult to galvanize the Akurmi people towards achieving greatness.

It has failed in its responsibilities of providing the conducive platform for uniting the Akurmi people and bringing about community development. This can be addressed by ensuring that leadership at the various associations must become more visionary and purposeful.

We must also as a people take ownership of the activities of the associations, by ensuring that only individuals that have the required leadership qualities to steer the ship to the destination of unity, progress and development are elected.

We must see to it that the associations engage in not just community development but also nation- building; which would surely give the Akurmi people more relevance and a stake in all happenings in the country.

The associations must produce clear cut programs that would identify and address issues such as unity, education, youth empowerment, preservation of our cultures and traditions, and so on.

This is not to say that the present leadership of our various associations have fail, but in the face of the challenges that presently confronts us more needs to be done by thinking outside the box.

Through our various associations we can bring back the pride of the Akurmi people, promote our collective interest, and preserve our cultures and traditions.

Written by Yusuf Ishaku Goje
Published by Ayuba Ladan D

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