So many ‘silent’ killings have taken place in Southern Kaduna which seemed to have remain untold onto this day. So, can anyone blame the Governor if he feigns ignorance of all that? If the public utterances of leaders are anything to go by, then the utterances made by the Kaduna State Governor during his Channels TV interview could just be used to dismiss anything Southern Kaduna or Christianity in the state, including the killings in Southern Kaduna with a snap of the finger.

No doubt, that interview was a noble opportunity to the Governor to project the endless business opportunities in Kaduna State to the International business arena. His focus was to attract investors into the state using the KadaInvestement Summit that has just ended. Unfortunately, apart from the hysteria that the interview created in the business world, it has also raised so much dust and left so much to be desired of the Governor.

Looking at the controversies that trailed that interview, many are made to wonder if prospective investors were seeking for an Islamic state to invest in, hence the 70:30 religious statistics as was postulated by the Governor.

Another question many have asked is whether the Governor has done a religious census in the state since May 29, 2015 that has given him the statistical data showing the 70:30 ratio that he unveiled during that interview. There just seem to be so many questions that have been raised on people’s mind following that interview on Channels TV.

Well, while I leave you pondering on the foregoing issues, let me dive into the main issue I intent to address here: The Untold Killings & Destruction in Southern Kaduna: The killings in Southern Kaduna from 2011 are well known to my Governor. This assertion is on the ground that preceding the 2015 elections, during his campaigns, he affirmed that those killings where people come overnight and plunder whole community and disappear into thin air must stop if he is voted to power. At that time I doubt if anyone informed him that the Southern Kaduna people were responsible for the attacks that we were daily subjected to (to say they were reprisal attacks), neither did he blame our people for the woes and systematic genocide we were subjected to.

But then, on the Channels TV interview, the Governor’s utterances sent so many worrisome signals to many quarters. Anyway, one does not need to go far with this since SOKAPU has made a response. It is obvious that there have been relative peace in Southern Kaduna since the inception of this government. It is also clear that the Governor’s doggedness and commitment to curbing crime in the state is commendable. The war against cattle rustling along the Birnin Gwari axis and Kamuku forest are clear demonstration of the determination of this administration to reduce all forms of crimes to the barest minimum in Kaduna State. On this I salute the Governor!

With happenings over time in Southern Kaduna, some of us were taken aback when the Governor declared, “There has been no killing in Southern Kaduna in the last six months.” For him to have said that was either that he was economical with the truth or that he was probably not well briefed. From the Kaura to the Sanga major attacks of 2013/14, so many cases of killings have been recorded in the zone. Therefore, the recent killings in Sanga LGA readily comes to mind on hearing the statement of no killing in the zone as said by the governor. Except he now views Sanga LGA as part of Nasarawa or Plateau State, since we share common boundaries.

Talking about killings in Southern Kaduna, the Governor was supposed to have been told that Mallam Danladi Mohammed was said to have been murdered by Herdsmen on his farm in Yaute, Wasa District of Sanga in December 2015. Then in February unidentified gunmen, suspected to be Fulani herders butchered an Ancha man in Ancha District. This was few days after a young man was also butchered in a neighbouring community – Anzere of Kwassu District. Yet again, after the signing of the Kafanchan peace declaration on March 23 at the instance of the state Governor, Mr. Daniel was shot dead in his house at Antor of Aboro District the following day. Surprisingly too, a young man was shot dead on his way going back to Kofe Sanga village on the eve of the Governor’s Channels TV interview. Yet, all these killings have remained untold.

Now, if the Governor is not aware of all these killings, whose fault is it? Who was supposed to tell him? The police? Traditional leaders? The local government administration or who? Apart from these killings, other worrisome crimes have been the issue of raping young secondary school students in various communities in Sanga LGA and the carelessness of some Fulani herdsmen who have been turning farms into free grazing areas and thereby destroying farm produce.

Students of Government Secondary School Fadan Ayu were said to have been chased on their way back to Karshin Daji from the evening games by suspected rapists in February. The same thing happened to two other girls from Nandu. The worst case however, was that of a Senior Secondary (SSS 3) female student of Government Commercial Secondary School Randa who was raped on her way back to Gbuila for the week end on Friday 18 March 2016. At least, the attention of the police was drawn to this since the rapists injured her to the point she was taken to the Gwantu General Hospital for medical attention.

With all these happenings, if the Governor was not informed, then we cannot blame him. But certainly, someone somewhere has to be blamed. However, with the level of crime in our society at present, I suggest that the state government established effective channels through which she could speedily get information of happenings from every community across the state.

In addition, it is expected that the state government take a critical look at the suffering of those whose houses were burnt down and farm produce destroyed in Southern Kaduna as a result of the series of attacks that affected the area, and those whose produce cattle have destroyed, and rehabilitate them just as it is happening to victims of insurgence at the North – East. Government should also take measures to foster peaceful co-existence among all groups in the state.

In conclusion, I wish to say this is our government and we want to support it. So I would like to call on those in authority to live above board so that they can give us enough reasons to keep on supporting them for the good of our state. Also, it should be on record that with the cruel and excruciating treatment the Southern Kaduna zone have been subjected to by these happenings, it will be so painful if the state government would seek to dismiss these killings and the sufferings of our people with a wave of the hand, or blaming it on the same people who have suffered unjustly.

Pst. Mike M (Sanga)

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