A Brief Biography of HRH Dr. Harrison Yusuf Bunggwon (AGWATYAP II)

His Royal Highness, Agwam Engr. Dr. H. Y. Bunggwon was born to Atyoli Bunggwon Yawa and Ayangali Atoh Bunggwon on 25th November, 1949 in Gora Bafwoi, Atyapland. His father died in 1953, when he was only 4 years. He began his educational career in January 1957 at the age of 7 in Native Authority Junior Primary School, Gora Bafwoi. He passed his entrance examination in 1961, and got admitted into Native Authority Senior Primary School, Kachia. In 1963, His Royal Highness was admitted into Government Technical School, Soba, Zaria, where he had a 2 and a half year stint before he got admitted in 1965 into the prestigious Government Technical College, Kano.

While at Government Technical College, Kano, this Royal icon developed interest to study Mechanical Engineering. So, on completing form 5, he applied for and was awarded a Bureau for External Aid Scholarship to study in the USSR in 1969. Between 1971 – 1975, His Royal Highness read Mechanical Engineering and obtained the B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees at the Byelorussian Technical University, Minsk, where he graduated with distinction. In 1977, he proceeded for his Ph.D. programme to the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology, United Kingdom and graduated in 1980,

His Royal Highness is an erudite scholar, a distinguished Engineer, a teacher emeritus, a diplomat and a celebrated fellow of the Nigeria Society of Engineers.

He has flown several kites but has still accepted to come down as Agwatyap, Atyap Traditional Council, Atak Njei, Zangon Kataf (Mabatado). He has ploughed over 16 years of scholarship, teaching in one of Africa’s largest polytechnics, Kaduna Polytechnic.

Between 1986 – 2002, His Royal Highness, in his distinguished career, served as Director, Research and Development Centre; Scientific Adviser, Defence Industries Corporation of Nigeria; Commissioner for Works and Transport, Kaduna State; Project Manager of the suspended Military Embroidary Factory, Abuja; Member, Federal Government Experts Committee on Nigeria Machine Tools Ltd., Osogbo, Osun State; Elected
Member of the Constituent Assembly; External Exerminer in Mechanical Engineering, Plateau, Katsina, Idah (Kogi State), and Kwara Polytechnics.

In his domain, he has served as the first Chairman, Board of Governors, Zangon Kataf Community Technical and Vocational School.

In recognition of his career of excellence, Dr. H. Y. Bunggwon was a recipient of several honours and awards. These include:
– Russian Red Diploma of Distinction (1975)
– Nigeria Society of Engineers’ Merit Award (2002)
– Traditional Title of Yariman Atyap (2003).

This Manchester-trained Engineer had been a member of the Associate of the Institute of Industrial Managers, United Kingdom, a member of the American Institute of Industrial Engineers and a registered engineer with the Council for the Regulation of Engineering of Nigeria (COREN).

In September, 2002, Dr. H. Y. Bunggwon bowed out of the Engineering service after several years of meritorious service to his motherland of the pinnacle of his state govenment. During his years of active service, he wholeheartedly contribited to the growth and development of engineering study in a plethora of engineering decision. Even till today, his outstanding legacy is still making great impact on Kaduna State Engineering as a whole.

Like a sensitive father as he was, HRH Agwam Dr. H. Y. Bunggwon knew the meaning of service. As a practicing Christian, he had kept close in mind the words of the Lord Jesus Christ which says ”WHOSOEVER WILL BE GREAT AMONG YOU, SHALL BE YOUR MINISTER (WHICH MEANS SERVANT” – Mark 10:43. This is fitting, he had had to learn to serve people all his life. HRH had always derived joy in bringing satisfaction to others.

As the second Royal Father to rule over the Atyap Nation, Agwam Dr. H. Y. Bunggwon had a great responsibility meeting the expectations of Atyap and her neighbours. In his own words: “I am glad my own experience working in the public sector, and as one time, Dean of a school, provided me with the opportunity to have dialogue with many leaders”. But he had a vision. In his vision, he sets a sterling example, not only to other chiefdoms, but also to leaders in the state.

HRH Agwam Dr. H. Y. Bunggwon succeeded HRH Agwam B. A. Daukee on his demise in 2005, and reigned as Agwatyap II i.e. the 2nd indigenous Agwam (Monarch) of the Atyap Nation for about 11 years before passing onto eternal glory in the cold morning of 6th April, 2016.

HRH was a true Nigerian, a leader of unquestionable character and moral value, an incorruptible engineer, an enigma, an extraordinary man with enormous prowess and dexterity, a man with clean records, a mentor and a colossus who retired from public service voluntarily. Down to earth, he did not hesitate to take his destiny into his own hands. A man every well-meaning Nigerian will like to emulate.

(By: Atuk, L. / Akau, L. K. (edit.))

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  1. Silas Kanwai says:

    May his gentle soul rest in peace. Amen

  2. James La'ah Livinus says:

    I want to take this moment to condole the entire Atyap land, Kaduna state traditional council, State Government and Nigeria in all. May the spirit of Christ comfort each an everyone of us in Jesus name. Amen.

    Atyap land has to think very well on who would succeed him. A man who will serve his people and not rule them.

  3. Martin says:

    The Loss of a great State man. May He Rest In peace

  4. Silas Kushwai Yakubu says:

    May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace, amen! My condolences to the family and the entire Atyap people.

  5. Thomas Bidoli says:

    While we will miss this great leader, we appreciate his service to Atyapland. As Christians we know that death does not have the final word. May his soul rest in peace, Amen.

  6. Amlabu S says:

    May his soul rest in peace. He was my teacher in the dept of mechanical engineering at kaduna polytechnic. He will be greatly missed.

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