Some people are of the view that Gov El Rufai is such a brilliant guy that it reflects in his arrogant posture and all that jazz. I do not have the privilege of knowing his level of brilliance but his actions and utterances may guide me.

While I make bold to say that during elections he came across as the best option given the circumstances we found ourselves, many of us gave the little support we could muster. However, in the 10 short months as governor of Kaduna State, he is arguably the most popular governor in the country for good or bad reasons.

The first event was when he ran to court to debunk a newspaper story that he had over 40 houses in abj alone and over a billion of undeclared money. I’m yet to know if Governors can sue someone while the constitution bars litigation against them.

But His first salvo as gov was to ban street hawking and trading. Soon after, he ran to the beggars where they were “lodged” to explain his action. But they have long returned to the streets at the present time!

Then he went on to banish indigeneship in the state. This means that anybody can be an indigene of Kaduna State but not any kaduna state indigene can be an indigene of other states. Example, a zonkwa man can never be an indigene of jigawa state, but a man from Dutse can be an indigene of Kaduna State! !!

Then he sent bulldozers to Al hudahuda college in zaria to demolish buildings he said were on the premises of the school. The tensions are still there in zaria. He then came to Kaduna and earmarked houses in school premises like rimi college, Govt college, Day school constitution road and a few others. After the 3 week notice, the houses are still standing. A school of thought believes that those houses belong to powerful people and he may swallow his pride on that.

Again he served notice to a village by the millennium city and the people came out with placards to protest. Soon after, he was at Gbagyi villa with the same demolition notice on the land purported to belong to the Kaduna polytechnic. Curiously , the kaduna poly is a Federal institution, however, A court injunction has put that action on hold yet after protests and outright dissent.

The religious bill is yet another goof. While I personally agree with the bill to a large extent, if I was Governor , I would first of all consult with CAN and JNI as the two recognisable religious bodies to arrive at a mutually acceptable bill. But you never know with them brilliant Lil dudes!

And just today in an interview with Channels TV, he mischievously stated that Christians are just 30% while Muslims are 70% in the population of kaduna state. This is curiously funny. Kaduna state has 23 LGS. 8 of those are in SK where Christians make up over 80%. The central has 7 LGS where there heavy christian numbers in Chikun, Kajuru, Lere, Kaduna North, Kaduna South and Birnin Gwari. Even in the north, we have Christians in zaria and environs. Kaduna city has in recent years been inundated with a heavy inflow of settlers from war zones of the north east and plateau areas and have now been officially made indigenes.

Now this is a major goof because the governor apparently has not done any census or any statistics to make such a claim. A claim that can cause animosity amongst the citizenry (apologies to El rufai) in the state. Can the governor kindly tell us how he came about this disposition ? It is paramount and imperative so we know!!!!

So help us God! !!

Written by Vincent Bodam


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