Police Extortion in Kaura Division: We are Watching You

Reports have reached us from reliable sources that the Divisional Police Headquarters of Kaura Local Government, here in Kaduna State have been extorting applicants going there to sign their application forms for recruitment into the Nigerian Airforce and Nigerian Navy.

According to the reports we received applicants are asked to come along with their Village Heads (Dagachi) to the station which is the first requirement for their forms to be signed. This is commendable as it ensures proper verification of applicants making sure only indigenes of good character are enlisted.

However, we are also aware that they also give 4litre gallons to applicants to buy petrol and bring to their office as the second condition necessary for their application forms to be signed.

We are hereby urging the Divisional Police Officer to warn the bad eggs among his staff to desist from extorting these applicants who are jobless and should even be supported rather than extorted. The officers in concern should also remember that the ‘Change’ doesn’t end with them as everyone is also feeling the heat.

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