iPage: the Ideal Web Host for Beginners

Have u been thinking of starting your own website? Perhaps for financial gains, charity, government or just to create a lead online! From experience I have realized that some of the major reasons that discourage people from starting a website are the same reasons that tied me down and made me to procrastinate for many years.  High prices and other outrageous conditions often demanded by web hosting companies are some of the key among these.

To be sincere with you, I nearly dropped my ambition of blogging after buying my first domain with a certain company. After seducing me to make the payments, they then overwhelmed me with some crazy verification processes – including a demand for a valid ID card (Drivers License or International ID Card), neither of which I had. I am also certain that many young people in Nigeria intending to start a blog do not have such also.

Bottom line: I had to abandon that website and the company without getting a refund of my payment, even though it was on their policy to refund payments within 30day of purchase if a customer wishes to opt out. Fortunately, while I was struggling to start, a friend introduced me to iPage and the rest is history.

Though hardly heard of, iPage has been one of the leading web host providers for about eleven years now. Please don’t get me wrong, like any other company this service provider has its own pros and cons, however, in my opinion as a blogger based in Nigeria, the advantages iPage offers outweighs the disadvantages by far.

I see iPage as the ideal web service provider for a typical Nigerian blogger, and here are my reasons:

Free Easy to Build Tools

When it comes to building your site iPage offers you to build it without any hassle by way of using a variety of site-building tools not limited to but including Impress.ly, Weebly, and WordPress. The amazing thing is that these tools are available free of cost. My favorite, and of course of many others, is the WordPress one click quick install.

Remember, you can achieve this without any prior knowledge of coding. No wonder organizations like the CNN, BBC, JayZee and most of the fortune 500 companies have chosen WordPress-installed websites over others.

Cheaper Price of the Service

In case you have a very limited budget to start with before your blog grows into profitability look the way of iPage. As far as the price of the service is concerned, iPage charges you $0 for your very first domain name on their platform. With as little as $16 you can have a fully running website for the first 12 months, the meager amount covering the hosting charges.

It should be made clear here that despite of the fact the first year of the domain is free you might need to pay an expensive price after that. The good news here is that if you are indeed a serious blogger you can easily pay with the revenue you have generated over the year.

Free Security Suite

With iPage you can be sure of a free security suite with business verification, malware scanning, and network scanning within a highly-secured data center. I only experienced an attack once and that was even long before iPage upgraded their security suite, and even when I experienced it they were very prompt at helping out.

Customer Service

Ipage Customer ServiceAs far as the customer service of iPage is concerned you may enjoy it available throughout the day and night without any glitches. Customer support may take too much time in terms of response and this may be a little bothersome for a number of clients. The most important thing is that your complaint would be attended to within 12hrs.

Bonus Marketing Tools

With regards to bonuses, iPage is a generous choice. iPage offers its new customers a bonus of $500. Well, this is not cash but of course this includes free marketing tools like pings on Yahoo/Bing Credit, Facebook Ads, Google AdWords, free YP.com listing, etc. These marketing tools help you to spread the word about your website so it becomes popular in no time.

Unlimited Domains

iPage offers you to have one host package that allows you to host as many domains as you want without any restrictions. In other words with a single host account you can have ‘www.yourdomain.com’,  ‘www.yourwifesdomain.com’, www.yourmomsdomain.com’, etc. What you only need to do each year for the subsequent domains is only to renew the domain name which is a paltry $10 a year.

The problem here is if you need to add on a domain you need to work on your own manually by way of managing with the folders which is a bit technical but I always have them do it for me free of charge.

Unlimited Benefits

As far as the benefits are concerned you may enjoy the unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited e-mails, e.g. [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], etc

One challenge Nigerians have with not just iPage or other web hosting companies but all online purchases from foreign lands is the new Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) policy that bars such transactions. The good news is that there are a few banks that still allow such transactions. You may wish to contact me for details.

In this regard if you consider the plus points, iPage is a wonderful webhost and if you find a room to ignore the cons you may get an impressive package. In my opinion, iPage is the ideal webhost for beginners with a limited budget. In case you grow into profitability and feel uncomfortable with it you can always transfer to another host free of charge, I have not found a reason for that.


Disclosure: I am a professional blogger and a product/service reviewer that receives compensation from the companies whose products/services I review. iPage hosts my three websites including this website and www.villagesquareclinic.com. I have been using it for a couple of years now. This website is independently owned and the opinions expressed here are my own.

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