FSCC Welcomes Duchess Joyce El to Nigeria

Preparations are on top gear as a Southern Kaduna based NGO – Focus on the Sickle Cell Child (FSCC), prepares to welcome one of their partner, Joyce El, to Nigeria.

Joyce El is a passionate community advocate and a humanitarian who helps individuals find hope, inspiration and resources through faith in God, perseverance and her own “truths” and becoming a life line to others.

Joyce is known in her community as “Duchess” because of her compassion for others. Several years ago, after living as a victim of domestic violence, Joyce took on a mission to commit to the cause of Healing & Recovery within her community. In October 2010, the inspiration known as “Journeys By Grace – Stories of Spirit, Energy, Faith and Love” media project was born from her desire to share testimonies of survival. The radio and TV shows provided a weekly guest coming from various walks of life who shared their experience, expertise and/or testimonies to assist listeners with the challenges they may be facing on their own life journey.

Joyce organizes and host fundraising and charity events for various organizations and “Causes” worldwide and has built strong relationships with grassroots, local, State and Federal agencies. Policymakers and governmental officials are always available to assist with the needs of her projects.

Joyce is also actively involved with various initiatives including the humanitarian projects in Kenya, Uganda and Nigeria, Africa. She has supported a multitude of international events that include providing mentoring to college students and provided educational supplies and clothing for children. She has written for numerous newsletters and magazine publications (Nigeria) and serves on several Board of Directors in the USA and Abroad. The Duchess is Founder of Journeys By Grace Missions, Co-founder of Queen of Hearts Mentoring Project; Ambassador & Administrator of Shawn Testimony.Com, a sickle cell disease foundation. Joyce is Business Consultant to entrepreneurs in Ghana and Gambia, Africa.

Joyce Duchess El is author of the book “Journey through a Narrow Gate in Search of a Pearl” and Executive Producer of the independent film “The Movie- The Book” , Screenwriter for the film which is in preproduction entitled “The Inspiration”. Joyce writes and directs short films for various community relations topics and human interest stories. She conducts a monthly workshop “Writing your Memoirs” with Sarasota International Meet-up.

She is presently completing her degree in Film/TV Production at State College of Florida. Duchess holds an Honorary Doctor of Divinity from American Fellowship Church; a Masters in Business Administration and is a Certified Life Coach and a Children Self-Elevation Coach.

Duchess is adored and loved by her family especially her eight children and her 16 Godchildren. She is loved and respected by her friends, colleagues and community worldwide. Duchess is the joy of her coworkers and the staff members at Manatee Memorial Hospital where she is employed in the Emergency Room as a Senior Admission Registrar.
Duchess Joyce El travels globally conducting and hosting seminars. She tours for speaking engagements in support of various missions and positive transformational events.

Joyce El will be in Nigeria in March, 2016.

Theck Alhamdu Makeri – Coordinator (FSCC)

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