Fulani Woman Gives Birth to Ape-Like Creature in Southern Kaduna

This creature is not fictitious but real! A Fulani woman gave birth to the ape-like creature in Kaduna State. This ape-like creature was given birth to by a Fulani woman at about 6:45pm on Saturday 23rd of January, 2016 at CONFIDENCE HEALTHCARE CENTER – FADAN KARSHI.

It is reported that the doctor immediately took off from the labour room on seeing the half-human half-gorilla creature which was born alive.
Fortunately or unfortunately, it took only an hour or so before  the creature gave up the ghost.

According to an eyewitness on the day of the incidence, “everybody was just amazed at the terrifying sight of this….the corps just left the hospital few minutes ago”.

Fadan Karshi is a small town in Sanga Local Government Area of Kaduna State. The town is predominantly occupied by the native Gwandara people and until recently, has been one of the places in Southern Kaduna worst hit by the incessant attacks by Fulani militia.

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Can you hear the Echoes of Hope???

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