Kaduna State Ministry of Finance Creates Complaint Platforms

Are you employed under the Kaduna State Service?

Are you owed any salary, and even allowances?

This might just be the piece of information you have been waiting for!


Following successful completion of the Staff Verification Exercise, we wish to thank our workers for their co-operation during the exercise.

We have also created a Help Desk to resolve any and all genuine cases of non-payment of salaries.

All genuine Salary Complaints should be sent through any of the following media:

1. SMS / Whatsapp -0818 407 8113

2. Twitter [email protected]

3. Facebook –facebook.com/mofkaduna

4. Email [email protected]

Complaints should be in this format:
– Name
– PSN Number
– Place of work
-Grade Level
-Bank/Account Number 
-Period of non-payment of salary

Persons with problems arising from the verification exercise should forward such complaints to the relevant authority, at State or Local Government levels.

Kaduna State Ministry of Finance (KSMoF)

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