Anjeed Innova Group 2015 Chairman Address – 17th Dec. 2015

Dear Stakeholders, Staff and My Fellow Nigerians,

Few could have predicted how dynamic 2015 would be for Anjeed Innova and our ambitions to bring renewable energy to Nigeria. Post licensing, we had hoped and prayed to have the Anjeed Kafanchan Solar (AKS) Project connected to the Kafanchan Substation by now, but it has been the will of God for us to seek a greater purpose for the Anjeed Kafanchan Project within the bigger picture.

In 2015, AKS made a dramatic strategy change by expanding from our original 10MW regional first phase to a national impact project of 100MW. This shift makes AKS a national asset, impacting thousands of Nigerians, improving their everyday lives and giving them a true sense that Nigeria will be great again.

I would like to thank the people of Kaduna for their overwhelming support for the AKS project and for their continued efforts in supporting our on-ground operations, both commercially and socially. Without the community we could not have reached our 2015 targets and we would not be moving forward on expanding the scope of our original plans.

Many businesses sadly forget or do not understand that people are our greatest asset in whatever we seek to do. Without key input from the host community, as well as local and state government, we would not have succeeded in 2015. Ongoing support from our community and government will continue to be necessary for our ongoing success.

Our projects are successful as we deliver on our promise to God and the people of Nigeria that we will bring light. Our company is successful as we provide benefit to our community through our ZERO HARM pledge. ZERO HARM ensures that we will always be honest in our activities and always put people before profits. We cannot succeed without the community. The AKS Project is a project of the people, for the people.

With the new capacity target of 100MW, the AKS Project will touch more lives that are in need of clean, reliable and sustainable power. The new strategy is built on a two-phase approach that will see installation of the first 50MW phase, quickly followed by the second 50MW phase.

As the AKS project has proceeded and its scope has expanded, relationships with our industry-leading technology partners have been strengthened.

Bejulo is a company of established industry specialists with extensive experience in the renewable energy market world-wide. They have stood by their strong support for the project and have provided valuable guidance for our leadership team.

As well as maintaining support and complementing REC Solar’s knowledge and expertise to keep the project in line with advancing technology to ensure efficiency and economies of scale, SMA expanded their support of the Kunak Foundation’s Yakowa Market Pilot Project.

In 2015, Siemens joined the project as substation and grid connection advisors and EPC providers. Their addition to the team brings a Global 100 company into the project partners mix.

Eudora Capital has been retained as transactional advisers to the project. They bring years of infrastructure investment experience to the team.

Aluko & Oyebode have come on board as legal and transactional advisers to the project; their experience in large infrastructure projects is exceptional.

We have been pleased by the strengthening of our AKS team through partnership with industry leaders, but we also suffered a great loss in 2015. In March, our Vice-Chairman, Major General Ishaya Bakut (Rtd), passed away unexpectedly. In our ongoing efforts to bring reliable electricity to thousands, as well as improve the lives of Nigeria’s people and communities through our Kunak Foundation, we are blessed to carry on General Bakut’s legacy and passion for the good of the people. We look forward to honoring him and others we have lost along this journey with completion of the AKS Project.

With his strong belief in the dignity of all people and his desire to improve Nigerian lives and communities, General Bakut was actively involved in leadership of the Kunak Foundation, Anjeed’s non-profit arm. In 2015, the Kunak Foundation was awarded a $100,000 United States African Development Foundation (USADF) Power Africa Off-Grid Energy Challenge grant to aid completion of the Yakowa Market (YM) Pilot Project.

The YM Project will provide a sanitary building with sufficient power and clean water as a first step to improve the entire market with power and proper sanitation. Beyond that, it will demonstrate the viability of independent off-grid solar power systems for community market use throughout our part of Africa.

It is a fitting follow-up to the Aduwan Gida Rural Clinic repair and renovation projects championed by General Bakut. The Kunak Foundation continues to seek ways to improve the lives and communities in the AKS project area and to fund other much-needed projects.

Our social projects improve the lives of underserved and overlooked Nigerians. We seek to help those who have been forgotten. We work not just to improve lives and communities, but also to empower them to pursue further improvement. Our infrastructure projects have the same aim.

Early in the year, an Anjeed team helped conduct an assessment for rural electrification in several Nigerian states. It came as no surprise that there are many people with no access to electricity and far more who do not have reliable access. We will continue to develop renewable energy projects to fill the gap.

In Genesis 1, God spoke light into being. Before He brought form to the world, He created what would make it possible for us to see. “Let there be light: and there was light.” God proclaimed the light good. With our renewable power projects, we use God-given natural resources to bring a good thing to our people.

With Anjeed Innova’s strengthened team and overwhelming support from the community, I am confident that 2016 will be a banner year for the Anjeed Kafanchan Solar Project, bringing light to those who do not have it.


Colonel B.T. Kachim (rtd)

Chairman of the Board

Anjeed Innova Group

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