Reinventing the Kudaru Hill: the Forgotten Tourist Destination

The Kudaru Hill is the ancestral home Akurmi people, popular as Kurama. The Akurmi, in search of arable land, protective enclaves and, much later, in attempts to avoid Jihad wars are believed to have settlement around the Kudaru Hill 600-700years ago led by their paramount ruler Bugwama Kurderu (King Kurderu). The hill was actually named after their king and spiritual leader.

The Akurmi built their homes on the mountain top mainly for defensive reasons and reprisal attacks against impending enemies. The Akurmi could live in their Abamsu (place of origin) for three years protectively without coming down for food supplies because the food stocked in the Upanga (Mystic Ban) could last them for up to four years before it could be replaced.

Ancient Akurmi ArrowIn efforts to revive their dying culture and reeducate the younger generation, a group of Akurmi concerned youths have initiated a forum and a festival for this purpose. The annual program which is yet to be given a formal name was initiated since 2012 to bring together all sons and daughters of Akurmi land together all over the world to sit where their ancestors sat, see the remnants of their ancestral home and have the feeling that their ancestors had.

IMG-20151122-WA0004The artifact which are distinctly visible include the Uriago-Babba Father’s Palace/Pallor, a Grinding Stone, a Spear, an Upuazu (where youths were thought good morals and discipline), Uwata Ukunguraw (where female counterparts are educated by the elderly), the Uware wa Akurmi (mountain stream) and ultimately, the Upanga (Mystic Ban).

Besides reinventing their identity, the cultural exhibition is also aimed at boosting the economy of the area, the state and the nation at large by increasing revenue generation through tourism. A book has already been written by these youths and documentaries are also in the making, in fact a documentary is already being run by the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) on the hill since May this year.

Besides that, geological surveys conducted since 1911, 1914 and 1918 clearly indicates that there are vast deposits of diverse mineral deposits on the hill.

Although it was Bugwama Kurderu that lead the Akurmi to the Kudaru Hill, most of the artifacts and constructions have been credited to Bugwama Maigamo.

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    We Kurama politically, we are from North senatorial zone not from Southern Kaduna, please note that.

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    Kurama man is unique with the other tribes

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