Siemens Technology Takes Anjeed Kafanchan Solar Project One Step Further

Anjeed Kafanchan Solar and the Anjeed Innova Group are pleased to announce the addition of proven Siemens power management and distribution technology to the Anjeed Kafanchan 100MW Solar Project.

Anjeed Kafanchan Solar has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with Siemens AG affiliates Siemens Limited and Siemens SAS to bring thousands of Nigerians access to reliable power through completion of the 100MW Anjeed Kafanchan Solar Project.

Anjeed Innova Group President Thomas Sherman restated Anjeed Kafanchan leadership’s commitment to implementing proven technology. It is gratifying for the company to bring another global player to Kaduna. The companies and community look forward to launching the next phase of the Project.

Siemens’ high-voltage prefabricated modular substation is the perfect plug & play solution to complement the other world-leading solar industry technology components of the project, including REC Solar photovoltaic panels and Schletter mounting system.

NXPLUS fixed-mounted circuit-breaker switchgear is cost-efficient and Siemens takes pride in their responsibility to ensure the safety of their equipment. The gas-insulated NXPLUS switchgear is type-tested and factory-assembled.

Prefabrication is not only efficient, it also increases reliability as any issues that may arise during fabrication are dealt with in the factory. On-site setup is quicker and prefabricated assemblies are conveniently shipped as a single unit. The modular structures that house the substation are designed and built to withstand Nigeria’s extreme environmental conditions.

Anjeed SolarThe Anjeed Kafanchan Solar Pilot Project is slated for construction in Zikpak, Kafanchan, Kaduna State. A contract for a prefabricated modular substation will be one more step to bringing online the first phase of the Anjeed Kafanchan 100MW solar power generation plant.

Siemens brings 160 years of engineering expertise to the innovative Kafanchan project. The 100MW privately-owned solar energy production plant will be the first of its kind to connect to the electrical grid in Nigeria. Thousands of Nigerians will benefit by gaining access to clean, renewable, reliable power in their homes, businesses, schools and medical facilities.

The success of the Anjeed Kafanchan 100MW Project will prove the viability of solar power production to meet critical energy needs throughout West Africa.

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