Time-Out Jimi, the First Kufena Hill Victim

Reports just reaching us indicate that Mr. Jimi Lawal, the embattled Special Adviser on Investment to the Kaduna State Governor, Mal. Nasiru el-Rufai, has been relieved of his appointment with immediate effect.

Jimi’s appointment drew a lot of criticism across the state because of various allegations of fraud hanging on his neck according to his previous record in the banking sector and also the allegation of him being on a United States’ (US) wanted list, besides the fact that he is a non-indigene of the state.

Jimi ScamThe man whose power has made him to be referred to as the referred to as the de facto State Governor has given the government a bad image with some saying he would have been history if late President Sani Abacha had not died.

The news of Jimi’s sack was received with great joy across the state as people can be seen jubilating openly and sharing it on the social media. The following were posted on his (Jimi’s) Facebook page:

“Today one story made my day. Jimi Lawal, the ghost Special Adviser to Governor Nasir El-Rufai has been relieved of his position. The man has so much allegations of fraud hanging on his neck that if Abacha was alive he would’ve been history.” Another one reads:

“Period of politicking issues because of VESTED INTEREST is over. Kaduna is the only state we can call our own. If we allow some people finish it because of vested interest, we will be the ones to bear the pain in the nearest possible future all together.

“We will remain resilient, focused and determined until the right thing is done in Kaduna State!

“If you like, make the governor reverse it, in order to falsify me!!!”

Monrovia..Our sources further revealed that the governor has made two new appointments of Special Advisers (SA) on Investment and Economics, thereby relieving Jimi Lawal of his appointment. The governor has now appointed one Murtala as SA on Economics and Mukhtar Dabo (Alh Mukhtar Mohammed Monrovia) as SA on investment and Promotion. All the appointees are bankers and one of them played a vital role in the Kaduna State verification exercise, it was gathered.

In their desperation, his supporters say he was sacked for threatening to expose monies stolen by Uba Sani and Co.

Is Jimi Lawal the first man to fall off the Kufena Hills?

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