Where are We On The Weighty Matters?

War of words, l would say, characterized major parts of discussions some of us had as a Southern Kaduna group as we began the week end Friday October 2. For some reasons, some members of the group (SK group) kept mute as they followed proceedings. A respected member of our group was conspicuously missing until he came up late rapping the rastafarian slangs, probably to spice up the house and calm nerves. That was okay for his position. The whole debate centered on the issue of having the ministerial nominee from Kaduna State coming from Southern Kaduna or from anywhere.

While some supported the idea of having the minister from Zone 3, or at least, an indigene, others felt that was not a weighty matter for Southern Kaduna as far as they are concerned. The trend of the discourse projected our individual differences and the dynamism of the human nature. But in all, such debate cannot go without us learning some vital lessons from it if our zone is going to be relevant in the state power equation.

In my opinion, for us to feel that having the minister from Zone 3 is not an important issue may not be proper. In the same vein, saying that some of our respected people who retired from the civil service or have served the nation at one capacity or the other do not want to be made minister cannot be wise. There are also others who contested for elective offices and lost out but have been penciled down now as ministerial nominees from their states. But even if that be the case, then we no doubt have many other competent hands – males and females in Southern Kaduna who should be appointed for such national assignment.

Again, our debates might have been predicated on the fact that the APC faithfuls/stakeholders in the forum and Southern Kaduna in general have not unveiled to us their strategies for bringing the dividends of democracy to our people and their plans toward taking over power at the state level in 2019 which should be our utmost desire. Let them intimate us with their strategies so we can flow together.

Southern Kaduna MapIn addition, l suggest that all southern Kaduna groups and relevant stakeholders, should, as a matter of urgency, see how we can synergize with all political actors in the zone to make sure we strategically position ourselves in all LGAs towards having credible leadership that would effectively represent SK’s interest at the local government levels as we head towards the LGA elections which should come up in no distant time. It may interest us to know that 2019 is not far as we may be thinking now.

Therefore, if there is anything we can do to help ourselves as a people politically against that time, we must begin our home work and preparations now. From all these discussions so far and CEDRA press statement rejecting the appointment of a non-indigene as the minister from Kaduna State, whether the said Amina Mohammed is actually the nominee or not, proper signals must have been sent to state & national actors, and indeed, all stakeholders that we (Southern Kaduna) shall reject any move to marginalize us under the present administration, and shall also vehemently reject the imposition of a non-indigene as a minister from our state. That is unconstitutional. It will be in the interest of the present administration both at the state and national level, to critically consider and carefully carry along the over 40 ethnic groups south of Kaduna who have long been marginalized by successive governments.

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Can you hear the Echoes of Hope?


~ Mike Maikarfi – (Abuja)

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