Have You Heard About the Kaduna State E-Scholarship?

Are you a Kaduna State indigene?

Are you in any institution of higher learning in Nigeria?
If your answers to the two questions above are yes then I have a piece of good news for you.
Alawi don come o!!!!
I am glad to bring to the notice of all Kaduna State students that are beneficiary to the Kaduna scholarship that the scholarship board has commence the registration and verification of student beneficiaries for the payment of their scholarship allowances.
ScholarshipBoardFill in your data, print out the completed registration form and take the printout to the scholarship board for bio-metric capture  and get your cheque within two weeks.

Scholarship Apply

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Can you hear the Echoes of Hope???

What are you waiting for?

46 Responses to Have You Heard About the Kaduna State E-Scholarship?

  1. Mbayo says:

    You are doing a good thing. Keep up!


    Southern kaduna will be great again by God grace

  3. Gabriel Marcus Uluwo says:

    Please, What About those applying for the scholarship for the first Time? Are they also to register online??.

  4. Bagu Great David says:

    Good to witness a devolopment like this, I read your write-ups with passion. Keep the needed. God will surely see us through.

  5. hussaini says:

    please. I am dahiru from chukun,I have filled the e-scolarship form but the typist made a mistake while typing the year of apply;he typed 2015 instead of him to type 2013 in the year apply and you would see it in the date of th admission.so,my question here is how will I do concerning the problem of filling. it mistakingly, please I a help. I hope I will be consider. think you.

    • Ben Bidi says:

      Hussain just print it and take it to their office, they will either correct it through their servers or tell you to do a fresh registration, which is also easy. I am not their staff.
      Hope that was helpfull!

  6. Rebeca isaac says:

    Pls wen is d closin date 4 d verification registration

  7. Bolton Yohana Dogo says:

    Please, when are we expecting the thumprint to come up? We are done with the registration already.

  8. Jeremiah says:

    Weldone the Ben’s!

  9. Ruth says:

    Is it true dat thumprintin have commence?

  10. Ruth says:

    Wat of d students dat bought d form newly r d to do d online verification or d shuld wait for d screening exercise?

  11. salim says:

    hy..i applied in 2013/2014.will i be paid twice bcoz i logged into the website again and it seems its gonna one payment

  12. Paul Daniel says:

    Good mornin,
    Mrs. Ben Bidi,you’re doing a great job. Thank you for that. Keep up the good work.

  13. Rebecca Peter says:

    Please,i could not upload my passport photo, what should i do about it? can i attach the photo to the printout?

  14. Ruth says:

    Ok.tnx Ben

  15. Shashere moses says:

    Hi unc ben

  16. Shashere moses says:

    If i hav no acount an email hw can i do uncle BEN

  17. Gwani Faith Shanum says:

    wat abt we @ Nasarawa state uni
    sir Ben?

  18. Martins says:

    Is the online registration closed? cos i couldn’t apply. wat apens 2 those who cant and are previous beneficiaries?

  19. Abdulmalik rabiu says:

    Pls what is the website of the kaduna state scholarship board and i am 2013/2014 applicant but i am at school and i am too far from kaduna state because i am at ogun state now, can i wait till next year february when i come back for holiday

  20. Deborah Duwai says:

    why did the Kaduna state govt joint all the higher institution in nuhu bamali polytechnic for the biometric capture?pls u have to help the southern Kaduna indigenes because is not every body that did the thumb prin

  21. Miriam says:

    Good afternoon, I really want to speak on the state of the public primary schools in Southern Kaduna. It is in a really bad state. The teachers are really not helping matters. These kids are taken to school to learn but if the teachers don’t put in good and honest effort, what result do we hope to get? I walked past a school and saw little pupils with their teachers during P.E period. Now, these teachers were only using Hausa to communicate. These children already know and speak Hausa, and in part of the country we are in, the school is the only avenue they have to learn, speak and know how to use English. But if they are denied that, then how will they learn? How can they compete with those who were opportuned to attend better schools? I believe the government tries to employ good and qualified teachers and I really expect them to act accordingly with these ones.

    • Ben Bidi says:

      Miriam that’s a good observation you made. It will be nice if you can create little time and draft something more detailed about this, I promise to publish and publicize it here.

  22. muhammad bashir says:

    hello,please are we expecting our alawee.thanks

  23. Maryam muhammad says:

    Plz when will they open the online registration for us dat havent done it

  24. Joseph Anteyi says:

    Pls I wud lyk 2 knw if d onlyn reg.website has been reopened 4 dos dat are yet 2 register….

  25. hafsat amin says:

    Hlo, am from Lere Lg,this is good work u are doing ,keep it up, and I also hope more youth would emulate ur efforts. Pls is the eregistration still ongoing now? cos my child is yet to do it as we were not aware. Thanks.

  26. Gwani Faith Shanum says:

    Hi! just wan 2 knw wen we DAT bought d form 4 2014/2015 will b call 4 data update n biometric.

  27. jibril isa says:

    hi. pls when wll d e reg be open
    cos we weren’t aware of d reg and we are far frm kd we r in unimaid and we havnt reg.what shld we do

  28. Maryam says:

    pls i missed the biometric verification, when are they doing it again?

  29. David Mercy says:

    Hellooo Please i want to register for the 2016 17 schoolarship how do go about it what is the link please

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