Gworok (Kagoro) Hills: Southern Kaduna’s Tourist Hub – Part II

Before now, life on the Kagoro hill was adjudged so absolute that the inhabitants had no need whatsoever to leave this protective enclave. The abundant wildlife, fresh water from the rocks, the voluptuous greenish year-round vegetation, unbelievable fertile land and plains atop the hill and its suitability for livestock farming, the Kagoro hills are a marvel to behold. Current conveniences of today, goods and services have nevertheless led to large relocation downhill. It is a commonplace to sights rural Kagoro hills women and children trampling along the cliffs on nimble feet full with bundles of firewood and purchases from the nearby local market on the trails.

At the foot of the elevation is a beautifully long bridge constructed by Kaduna State Government in 1975, as a means of easing the difficulty in movement of Kagoro people between the mainland and the hills. It runs across the Kagoro River, a major source of water works in the Southern Kaduna sub-region, with modern purifying and treatment installations, reservoirs and giant pipes leading the onwards flow of water. The Kagoro River, natural spring water, is the source of the spectacular Matsirga Waterfalls, but at this point, it is a lot bigger, forming a pool of water beneath that flows onwards to neither town. Like most other water bodies, the river is a lot larger in the rainy season, overflowing its banks and the surrounding land area.

KATAGWAN'S FRIDGEEven more important site to visit is the grave of the legendary giant Katagwan who is believed to have lived in Kagoro nearly 300 years ago. Katagwan was believed to be so tall that he could stretch out his hands from his home at the feet of the hills and lift up an individual from the hamlet. He was loved and venerated by the natives for the role he often played in helping them to conquer rivals and enemies in conflicts. Ownership tussles concerning land, game or holdings between a Kagoro native and an alien is sure to end in favour of the Kagoro native as soon as Katagwan wades in. He was also believed to be half spirit and could appear where ever he was needed without being summoned. He lived with his three children who tended to his needs.

Katagwan's GraveKatagwandug his own grave in anticipation of his dead, a 30 meter long trench, intending to bury himself out of consideration that no number of men would be able to bury him. On the day of his dead he layed pile in the grave and died, leaving his children and the villagers of Kagoro to do the hiding. Katagwan has become more revered as time passed as different towns in the Southern Kaduna area lay claims to his nativity. His grave in Kagoro hills rests any disputes on this account. Lately developed as a tourist monument by the Kaduna State Government, the place has been fortified with stones and concrete. The grave is an awesome sight to behold.  Katagwan also left his footprints on the rock.

KAGORO WATERBOARD BRIDGEFinally, beneath a magnificent pitch not far from the former abode of Katagwan is a fountain of chilled water installation which the legendary behemoth was said to use as his refrigerator. So chilled is the spring that the air within and outside the cave remains eternally cold (10C). The waters of the spring are however concealed from view by large boulders so that persons desiring to get a boozing must squirm through the rock crevices, descending deep into the bowels of the earth. This makes the waters of Katagwan’s fridge very precious indeed. This site is considered sacred by the native people who would never permit a stranger access to the spring without permission and guidance.

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