Airtel Nigeria Android Data Plan: Get 4GB for 2k and 9GB for 3.5k

Just came across this great offer from airtel and feel I should share it with you.

This plan is in form of a promo similar to the 1 + 1 BIS plan and it does not work on some all SIM cards, eligibility is required. But the good news is that you do not have to waste your money as it is very easy know if your SIM card is eligible with as low as zero balance.

How to Confirm if Your SIM Card is Eligible
To check if your Sim Card is eligible, make sure you do not have up to N2000 (Two thousand Naira) on your SIM card then dial either *437*1# for the 4GB plan or dial *438*1# for the 9GB plan. If you get a message that you do not have sufficient balance for this plan, then congratulations your SIM card is eligible but if you get a message in reply that you are not qualify for this plan, then sorry, your SIM is not eligible, you can try another SIM card if you really want the plan or choose another plan.

How to Subscribe to 1+1 Airtel Android Plan 4GB for N2000 and 9GB for N3500
If you have confirmed that your SIM card is eligible, then you should recharge the SIM card as to which plan you want, see the details below:

Plans Validity Price Activation Code
Android 4GB plan 1 Month N2000 *437*1#
Android 9GB plan 1 Month N3,500 *438*1#


To check your Airtel Android Data Plan balance dial *223#. You may also dial *141# and follow the prompt to see the expiry date of your data.

This plan is suitable for people that need a lot of data like me, and also note that this plan will work on any device at, even on modem.

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