Ajure (Kajuru) Castle: Southern Kaduna’s Tourist Haven

The Ajure (Kajuru) Castle is a European-styled castle located 45km south of Kaduna, the Kaduna State capital, northern Nigeria, along the Kaduna – Kachia road linking the province city to most of the southern parts of the state. The virtually mesmeric, exciting architectural work is a rare structure and a tourist ruminate that tourists most see whenever in Kaduna State. Reportedly collective by a ‘controversial’ Kaduna-based German deport, Gerhard Heubrer, in 1978, the Ajure (Kajuru) Castle was once considered a fairy tale by some and was also speculated to be an ancient construction of few variety. It is not an African styled structure but an ideal European style and clearly German construction with a baronial explorer and complete with suits of amour.

The Kajuru Castle covers an area of approximately 360 meters and can comfortably shelter as many as 12 guests at a time. Because it is a privately owned possession, visitors require permit from a German peeress, who looks after the post, in order to gain access into the castle (fairytale has it that the German lady is actually a dragon). A walk through the castle will reveal some of the mind-blowing facilities the castle is accoutered with, including 4 dungeons looking bedrooms, a master’s bedroom, a kitchen as well as a number of concealed rooms and several towers with wavy-edged walls. The mansion is also outfitted with a magnificent unstained steel swimming pool. Tourists must beware of the crocodiles in the pit protecting the magnificent castle-looking gates through which access to the castle is gained!

The journey up the castle is neither for the vague hearted nor the road for vehicles without plenty of horsepower beneath their bonnets. Certainly, if you are a first timer, you may feel you are hallucinating or your eyes are likely playing pranks on you, it is alright to conclude that way because it actually looks fictitious.
At the peak of the hills, looks of the surrounding hills and fascinating inselbergs are just catchy, fascinating, and terrific and one can evidently see the reason for which the castle was sited here. In the serene environment of the ancient inselberg formations you will attain different possibilities to modify and revel yourself. You may prefer to go trekking, hiking, fishing, in-line skating or just lease a cycle. With as little as $1,000 (N230,000) you can own the whole castle for a whole a night whether you visit as a group, for honeymoon, or just alone with all the other amenities provided.

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