Echoes of Hope: Southern Kaduna Sights and Sounds

Southern Kaduna, formerly known as Southern Zaria, is a geopolitical or rather geographical entity situated in the Middle-belt region of Northern Nigeria. Southern Kaduna is made up of 12 (out of a total of 23) Local Governments Areas of Kaduna State comprising of about 60 ethnic nationalities. Prominent among these ethnic groups are the Atyap, Bajju, Ham, Akurmi, Aegworok, Gbagyi, Adara, Gwong, Ninzo, Tinor, Akulu, Fantwam, Takad, Sholio, Kuvori, Numana and Nikyob. All these tribes also have pseudo names they also known with.

Endowed with rich human and natural resources, amazing cultures, wonderful tourist attractions, Southern Kaduna has been a tourist hub, though less talked about. Some of the better known tourist sites in Southern Kaduna include the Matsirga Waterfalls (River Wonderful) in the outskirts Kafanchan, the Kajuru Castle, the Kagoro Hills, and of course the site of one of world’s earliest civilizations – the Nok Culture in Nok, Jaba Local Government Area, among many others. The people of Southern Kaduna are also known to be very hospitable people, evident of which is revealed in the cosmopolitan and liberal nature of the state as a whole.
Please follow me as I take you on a ride round the region revealing the hidden treasures you have never been told about.
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